The Bachelorette Season 10: Meet the Fella’s

The Bachelorette is back! Andi Dorfman, who left and blasted Juan Pablo on the last season of The Bachelor will get her chance at finding love on her own season. Esss ok Andi, you get your pick of 25 guys. They might not all have A+ jobs, one might even be a farmer or a pantsapreneur (yea, was that word just invented?), but at least there are 25 of them, and I’m sure none of them will be like Juan Pablo. Folks, if you’re looking for a hot, sexy season of hot tubs, you can look elsewhere. Andi already said this will be a season of romance, and not steamy hot tub scenes. Sounds similar to Sean Lowe’s season. Will the ratings align? We shall see! ABC has been more secretive this season with the guys’ info. In previous seasons they have released information such as their handwritten questionnaires, etc., but this season we get to leave more up to the imagination. The season premiere airs tonight at 9:30 EST. This episode will be dedicated to Eric, who tragically passed away in a paragliding accident after the show was filmed.

Well, it’s that time! Who are your early favorites? Meet the men:


Andrew, 30, Social Media Marketer, Portola Valley, CA


Bradley, 32, Opera Singer, Grosse Point, MI


Brett, hairstylist, Warminster, PA


Brian, 27, Basketball Coach, Harrisburg, PA


Carl, 30, Firefighter, Hollywood, CA


Chris, 32, Farmer, Lamont, IA


Cody, 28, Personal Trainer, Oakley, KS


Craig, 29, Tax Accountant, Defiance, IA


Dylan, 26, Accountant, Longmeadow, MA


Emil, 33, Helicopter Pilot, Portland, OR


Eric, 31, Explorer, Citrus Heights, CA


Jason, 35, Urgent Care Physician, Houghton, MI


JJ, 30, Pantsapreneur, Hanover, MA


Josh, Telecommunication Marketer, Evergreen, CO


Josh M., 29, Former Pro Basketball Player, Tampa, FL


Nick, 27, Pro Golfer, Chicago, IL


Nick V., 33, Software Sales Executive, Waukesha, WI


Marcus, 25, Sports Medicine Manager, Medicine Hat, Alberta


Marquel, 26, Sponsorship Salesman, Rialto, CA


Mike, 29, Bartender, Guilderland, NY


Patrick, Advertising Executive, Clinton, NJ


Ron, 28, Beverage Sales Manager, Nahariya, Israel


Rudie, 31, Attorney, Yorba Linda, CA


Steven, 30, Snowboard Product Developer, Meadow Vista, CA


Tasos, 30, Wedding Event Coordinator, Denver, CO


The Bachelor Finale: I Don’t Know if I Love You

Season 18 of The Bachelor has finally come to an end. “Finally come to an end?” you might be asking yourself. Yes, those words did just come out of my mouth. I am a huge Bachelor/ette fan but this season has to be the worst. Juan Pablo is officially the worst bachelor of all times, hands down.

Clare met Juan Pablo’s family first. She had an awkward first meeting with Camila, but seemed to get along with his other family members throughout the day. She raves about JP to his mother and father, while his mother tells her he can be rude sometimes. Clare dismisses that comment and continues to gush when talking about the guy she hopes to get engaged to a few days after.



Their last overnight date on the island of St. Lucia involves a helicopter for Clare and Juan Pablo. They seem to be having a grand old time until the helicopter lands and they have private time with no cameras and microphones. Thats when the trouble started for the two. Clare explains to the cameras that Juan Pablo said something sexual that was very insulting and demeaning, along with the fact that he claims he doesn’t know her. The next scene brings us to Clare in her hotel room. Juan Pablo arrives asking for besitos that Clare denies. She asks him about his words and to explain what happened in the helicopter. Typical Juan Pablo skirts around the issue and talks in circles but his words ultimately make Clare feel better, especially the ones “if we end up together we will have a baby within a year.” They end the evening on a high note, with Clare thinking her chances are pretty good about being the girl he chooses to be with forever.



Nikki meets



The Bachelor: Women Tell ALL

The Women Tell All: The night the women who were rejected by Juan Pablo look amazing to try to make the bachelor regret his decision. Well, not in this case. This season has brought many firsts. One, not only did one woman leave Juan Pablo but two (for different reasons). Two, the women at the WTA didn’t seem to bat an eyelash when their ex-boyfriend walked on stage. Typically some women are angry, jealous of the final two ladies, wanting answers, but nope…the women are content as possible, looking ahead towards their future.

The episode kicks off with “royalty” as Chris Harrison likes to describe Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici (officially now a Lowe). They talk about their magical wedding, Catherine’s new bangs, and the small stuff until Chris cuts to the chase — the wedding night. Catherine plays coy, talking about how “romantic” it all was, but Sean cuts to the chase. “Fireworks!” he says, to which his wife jokingly replies, “Quick fireworks!” (Ouch.) “He toots his own horn,” she adds, “so I have to keep him in his place.” Oh, marital bliss! Ah, marriage. Next up for the happy couple? Kids — within the next 12 months, they hope. “He’s old,” Catherine says of her 30-year-old husband when Chris notes how soon that is. “If I’m old,” Sean quips, “Harrison’s ancient.”


Lauren H (the one with the dramatic, crying exit the first night), KylieDanielleEliseAlliVictoriaChantelChristyLauren S (the one who awkwardly asked to kiss Juan Pablo and then he replied he wasn’t there to kiss 27 women because of his daughter), Lucy (the free spirit who walks around naked), CassandraChelsieKatKellySharleenRenee, and Andi are all there to face their ex, Juan Pablo.

“Clearly, Juan Pablo [is] an attractive man…why wasn’t that enough?”, Chris Harrison asks the ladies.

Andi is the first to chime in. “At the end of the day,” she says, “those looks can fade, and you need something more than that.” The other ladies agree that he never really asked them questions about themselves, and that when he did, he didn’t listen to the answers. Lauren S. even goes so far as to say he “wasn’t genuine,” which dog lover Kelly takes issue with. She says Lauren was “very into him” while she was on the show and accuses her of changing her story just because she got dumped.

Andi, at least, believes Juan Pablo really was there to find someone, but that he wanted to find a girlfriend — “someone to date…after this is all over and figure out if this is gonna work” — whereas they all wanted to find a husband. (Would dating someone before marrying them really be so bad?)

One thing that seems to really bother the women about Juan Pablo is his obsession with being “fair” — and his inability to stick to his own rules in pursuit of that fairness. “I think he used his daughter as an excuse a lot,” Kelly says. Chris warns her to be careful with the Camila card and then throws the conversation to single moms Renee and Cassandra, who admit they were treated differently because they have kids. And speaking of treating people differently…how do the ladies feel about Clare getting so much special attention from Juan Pablo?

Andi and Kat, who roomed with Clare, admit to having no idea she snuck out in the middle of the night to go swimming in the ocean with Juan Pablo. It doesn’t seem to bother Andi much, saying she would have done the exact same thing if she had the opportunity. She does however have an issue with how he handled the situation afterwards, as to the other ladies. as do the other ladies. (After their tryst, he told Clare they’d made a mistake and shamed for her coming by.) “I think he had a case of buyer’s remorse,” Sharleen says. “He didn’t man up the way he should have.”


Sharleen was the first one in the hot seat. Before she explains her odd experience and exit on the show, one that Chris Harrison describes as the strangest experience he’s seen on the show, we watch her “journey”. “I knew that he wasn’t the one for me, like, ultimately. You know, we still had something. We had something great, and I could see him as someone that I would date, very happily, but…we weren’t airtight,” she explains to Chris. “We didn’t get each other completely.” That said, she still has fond memories of Juan Pablo. “I have a lot of respect for him, actually, and I thought he was very kind to me,” she says. She says she needs to have “cerebral chemistry” with the person she’s with and that was lacking with her and Juan Pablo, in other words saying he’s not as smart as she is (I mean, thats true). She might be the most intellectual, curious person thats ever been on the show. Sharleen stands out amongst the other women, saying that she disagrees with Andi and that Juan Pablo was curious and asked her a lot about herself and her experiences throughout the process.

Next up, fan favorite, Renee! “We were really, really slow-paced compared to everyone else,” she admits. Still, the feelings were there, at least on her end, and she has no regrets about doing the show. “I learned a lot. You know, dating as a single mom is hard,” she says. “It actually gave me a lot of confidence in the whole dating world.” Speaking of the dating world, has Renee found love since leaving Juan Pablo? “I’m in a situation now where I’m very happy, but that’s all I’m gonna say,” she teases coyly. “I don’t want to jinx anything.” All’s good! Just a few days ago, we heard Renee is engaged! Congratulations!


Renee was also one to side with Sharleen in that Juan Pablo asked her about herself and her son more than the other ladies could attest to. Maybe it was the single mother “favorite” thing, or just that Juan Pablo was trying to impress them.

On that note, it’s time to move on to Andi, whose disastrous fantasy suite date with Juan Pablo led to an angry confrontation and tense goodbye in episode nine. So what really went down behind those closed doors? “There was just a lot of negativity,” she says. There was also a comment, she claims, that she had just “barely” beaten out Renee. The tipping point, though, was when he brought up his overnight date with Clare. “I remember thinking to myself, ‘This will never work,'” she recalls. “I remember just being mentally done at that point…For him to bring that up, I was just so shocked and appalled by it.”









Andi wants to set the record straight though — “The things he said were entirely inappropriate and rude, but he wasn’t mean to me. I think that should be made very clear,” she clarifies. “I think sometimes it’s just that he doesn’t think about it…There’s no filter there.” So does she still believe in “great love,” or did the experience with Juan Pablo ruin it for her? “I want that love. I really genuinely do,” she says. “I will [continue to search for it].” (Possibly as the next Bachelorette?)

Once it’s time for the bachelor to be in the hot seat, the women have already said what they’ve wanted to say. It’s ok, Juan Pablo, don’t be nervous. Chris Harrison jumps right in and asks him if there’s anything he would want to change. “No, no. At the end of the day, you have to be very realistic, very mature, and very honest in this situation,” he explains. “And I’ve been honest since day one with all of you…When you’re honest with somebody, it’s definitely going to hurt.”


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The Bachelor Episode 9: Fantasy Suite Nightmare

The second part of the two-night Bachelor event brought it’s own dose of drama. Episode 9 brought the three remaining ladies — Andi, Clare, and Nikki — to the beautiful island of St. Lucia, where Andi’s dream of falling in love quickly turned into a nightmare.

“Overnights are special because there are no cameras,” Juan Pablo explains in the first few minutes of the two-hour episode. “I’m going to have the chance to talk to the girls with privacy.” (Talk? Riiiight.) “All the time we want. No cameras,” he says. “Perfect.”


Clare gets the first one-on-one date where her and Juan Pablo take a yacht to a beautiful beach. She shares her love for him to the camera, but also her reservations regarding the fantasy suite, considering what happened in Vietnam. “I want to be able to have, seriously, just one-on-one time,” “But…back in Vietnam, Juan Pablo and I went swimming in the ocean [at 4 a.m.] And that, I guess, made him feel uncomfortable…and so, I’m really not sure if spending the night together is the best idea.


Later that night at dinner, their conversation consists mostly of Camila and his ex-wife, as Clare is trying to get a better picture of their future, if she is the one he chooses. She sees he is serious about it, which makes her happy, but still quite unsure of their future that night in the fantasy suite. Clare tells Juan Pablo she’s concerned he’s going to regret their overnight date the way he regretted their 4 a.m. swim, but he assures her this is different. “I really, really, really want to spend more time with you…as long as we’re on the same page,” she concedes.

In the fantasy suite, Clare somehow gathers the courage to share her feelings with her man. “I’m just loving falling in love with you,” she says nervously. “You melted me.” Aw, don’t go too far, Clare…you’re one of three. She later confesses to the camera, “This is perfect. And I don’t want to lose him. I don’t want to lose these feelings…He’s that next step. He’s that man that I want to have babies with, and I want to get married to. And I’ve never felt that about a man before.” This is the last thing we heard from the fantasy suite, “He’s the man that I want to have babies with”. Hmmm!


Andi and Juan Pablo have lunch, check out the town, talk to the locals, take part in an impromptu jam session, join a soccer game with locals before hopping in a bugge, which brought them to a secluded area to share a picnic, followed by jumping in the water and kissing under the waterfall (yes, waterfalls are their thing).


Over dinner later, Juan Pablo asks Andi about a statement she made in Atlanta about “wanting badly” to fall in love. He’s worried she wants it so badly that she’ll force a connection, but she says “wanting it” and “forcing it” are different, and insists she’s thought seriously about why she’s there. He’s been doing some serious thinking, too, about whether Andi would be a good mother to Camila, and his honest answer is that he’s not sure. But he’s hoping a few hours in the Fantasy Suite will clear things up.

“I feel, like, on cloud nine right now. I mean, I just can’t stop smiling,” Andi says after agreeing to spend the night. “I just have this overwhelming sense of, like, fortune, and I’m excited, and I can envision myself with Juan Pablo for forever…Just feeling this happy…I couldn’t have even imagined this in my wildest dreams.” Personally, I don’t see it. But who asked me?

Fast-forward to the next morning, and Andi is singing a decidedly darker tune. Juan Pablo has never felt better about their relationship — he giddily says they “freakin’ talked and laughed for hours” — but she has a different view of how the evening went. “Waking up this morning, I could not wait to get out of the Fantasy Suite,” she admits in a confessional. “The fantasy suite turned into a nightmare. I saw a side to him that I didn’t really like, and the whole night was just a disaster. I hope he did not think that went well. I really hope he did not think that that was a good date.” But what went wrong exactly? Just wait to find out!


Juan Pablo greets Nikki with two horses and a picnic basket. She shows up wearing a bikini top with these cute boho beach pants. On their horseback ride through St. Lucia, she makes mention that she’s glad she wore pants and somehow the conversation goes into Juan Pablo talking about a thong. Other than that awkward comment for national TV, things during the day portion of their date were pretty uneventful.


That evening in the fantasy suite, which Nikki accepted with no problems, she knew if she didn’t share her feelings, it could be too late. After chickening out on her hometown date last week, Nikki finally tells Juan Pablo she loves him. “It feels really good to tell Juan Pablo how I feel,” she gushes. “I don’t want this night to end. I don’t want the sun to come up in the morning.”

Prior to the rose ceremony, Chris Harrison talks to Juan Pablo, who seems to be thrilled with how each overnight date went. He watches video messages from Clare and Nikki, who solidify their feelings for him via camera, but Andi has plenty more to say, and it’s not good. She leaves off by saying there are things she needs to talk to him about, but it’s not the smiley and giddy type of things, it’s more serious, which Juan Pablo can’t understand after he woke up from the overnight date happy as a clam. “Waking up after the Fantasy Suite…there were a ton of thoughts that went through my mind…and I don’t want to share those thoughts with you in a video message,” she says. “I want to share those thoughts with you in person.”

Talking face-to-face, “I realized that I wasn’t in love with you and that I wasn’t going to be,” she tells him, to which he replies simply, “It’s good that you tell me how you feel, and if you don’t think it’s me, it’s okay.” Except it’s not, Andi argues. “I know that I didn’t leave behind a child, but I left behind family and friends and a job, and I missed weddings, I missed things,” she says. “And I did that all willingly. But because of all that…it’s not okay. When you say it’s okay, that bothers me…You saying it’s okay comes off to me as you not having feelings.”

“You don’t even really know who I am,” she continues, before laying into him about bringing up his Fantasy Suite date with Clare while on a Fantasy Suite date with her, and then telling her she only made it to the final three by “default.” “Do I appreciate honesty? Absolutely. Do I think in my opinion you take it too far? Absolutely…There’s a difference between being honest and being an a–hole.”


In the end, after their long talk and things going round and round, Andi and Juan Pablo said their cold goodbyes, and she went off in a minivan. Interesting how Andi got the hippie van and Clare and Nikki got the BMW SUV. Luckily for Juan Pablo, Nikki and Clare both accepted his rose in Andi’s place and continue their journey to find love. So, who will it be Bachelor Nation? Nikki or Clare? Vote below!

The Bachelor Episode 8: Hometown Heartbreak

Nikki: Kansas City, MO

Nikki goes into hometowns with an edge over the other three finalists, considering she met Juan Pablo’s daughter, Camila on her last one-on-one date in Miami. She greets Juan Pablo in Kansas City, ready to test his inner cowboy (which doesn’t exist) by eating barbecue. Luckily for Juan Pablo, Nikki’s idea of cowboy things only involves eating normal-ish food and riding a mechanical bull. Juan Pablo fell in love with barbecue, but didn’t love the bull like he did the spice. “It’s pretty hot watching Juan Pablo on the bull,” Nikki says. “It’s hot. I think he did a really good job, you know? I was pleasantly surprised at how much of a cowboy Juan Pablo was.” She stops short of saying anything like “he lassoed my heart,” but she’s clearly smitten.


Debating whether to tell him she loves him or not, she decides it’s not the right time. Juan Pablo meets the family — dad Tom, mom Jennifer, brothers Eric and Alex, and sister-in-law Kayla. Nikki speaks with her mom and the jist of their conversation lies in whether or not she’s ready to accept a proposal. Her dad, Tom seems protective, yet very open saying he supports their decision, whatever it may be. “It’s just as important for Nikki to select him as it is for Juan Pablo to select her,” he says wisely.

While Nikki and Juan Pablo say goodbye, she decides whether or not she is ready to tell him she loves him, even after meeting her family. She still can’t get the words out and hopes she will get the courage up during overnight dates. “It didn’t feel right to tell him that I loved him,” she says, though she insists she wants him to know. “I hope that I’m around next week to be able to tell him.”

Andi: Atlanta, GA

Andi greets Juan Pablo with a big hello and an even bigger surprise. Just like Nikki, she puts him to the test…at the shooting range. “I am, like, salivating at making him a little uncomfortable,” she says teasingly. Andi proceeds to take her first shot and nail a bullseye, proving she does this on a regular basis. Juan Pablo describes it as “hot”. His aim on the other hand leaves little to be desired, but don’t fear, he eventually got a bullseye. “He’s gonna come meet my family,” Andi says, “and he has no idea what he’s gonna walk into.”


Little does Juan Pablo know he’s about to walk into meet Andi’s family with the target on his back. He meets her mother, Patti, and her dad, Hy, who is less than thrilled that his daughter is one of four ladies in Juan Pablo’s life. “I saw the sense of disapproval in my dad’s face within the first five minutes,” Andi says. “And I did not expect to see that.” Andi’s father is not the only skeptic.  Andi admits she’s “not there yet” with Juan Pablo but feels like she could be soon. Rachel isn’t convinced — she doesn’t sense a real connection between Andi and the Bachelor — but Andi insists she’s “very, very close to being in love with him.”

The previews that show Andi’s fathers despise for Juan Pablo are of course not 100% accurate, as one who has watched the show for 18 seasons comes to figure out. He comes around, ultimately sharing his fears that his daughter get hurt, being one of the final four fighting for Juan Pablo’s affections. He just wants to know his daughter will be taken care of, considering she is his little pookie (as we saw the welcome sign on the front door).

Renee: Sarasota, FL

Single mom Renee is ready to welcome not just Juan Pablo to Sarasota, but she is ready to see her son, Ben who she hasn’t seen in two months. She’s so excited she says she’s “literally going to eat him”. Her reunion with Ben at his Little League game in their hometown of Sarasota, Fla., is indeed heartwarming and adorable, and even Juan Pablo gets caught up in the moment. “Oh my gosh, I really want a son,” he gushes. Juan Pablo talks a little baseball with Ben, joking around, just before he and Renee sit in the stands and cheer her little boy on while playing in his little league game.


Later, after the game, Renee takes Juan Pablo home to meet her mom, dad, and brother. “My family is very easygoing,” she says. “I know 110 percent that my brother and Juan Pablo are going to get along.” While Renee tucks Ben in, Juan Pablo is getting to know her family. She was right, they are very laid back. Her and her mother have a heart-to-heart where she warns her daughter to be cautious. “I want you to be in love,” she tells Renee. “Because we can love our pets, but you need to be in love with the man that you want to be with. Her dad, as well as everyone else sees the “I’m in love” glow. Too bad she can’t tell Juan Pablo, though. “It didn’t flow,” she says. “I wanted to tell him. I just…I didn’t.”

Clare: Sacramento, CA

Well, the best (or the most dramatic) has been saved for last. Hairdresser Clare meets Juan Pablo at the rose garden bach17-1392849391 at McKinley Park where she used to spend a lot of time. She shares stories about her father, who had passed away, one specifically where he told her when she wants to feel close to him to go to the water and throw a rock. She did just that with Juan Pablo right by her side. “When my dad died, I shut off all my emotions. I shut off all my feelings and that part of me that was vulnerable,” she shares. “This is the first time I’ve brought a guy home since he passed away.”

Most of Clare’s family is perfectly polite to Juan Pablo, but older sister Laura does not approve and she doesn’t care to hide it, either. “To give a blessing, I don’t think we’re there yet,” Laura tells Clare, who immediately tears up. “I’m not gonna let you manipulate mama,” Laura continues. “I’m not gonna let mama be manipulated. You’re not respecting mama.” Clare angrily asks Laura to let her have some alone time with “mama,” but Laura lurks nearby in the shadows, listening to everything.

Later, when Juan Pablo asks to speak with Clare’s mother, Laura doesn’t let go. She joins the conversation, which Juan Pablo welcomes, but Clare on the other hand, does not approve. She begs Laura to let Juan Pablo and her mother talk alone but JP says it’s ok. Laura takes a softer approach this time. “I just get very protective of [Clare],” she explains. “She’s our baby. My two younger sisters don’t have my dad here…And my dad was such a central part of everything.” Juan Pablo lets both of them know how family oriented he is.

“If he can look past my crazy family, I would love to marry him,” Clare gushes. “I would love it. I would absolutely love it.”

Rose Ceremony

Juan Pablo faces one of the toughest decisions of this season — sending home one lady after meeting their family (and one of them, their child). “My heart’s beating like crazy right now,” he tells them nervously. At this point, it comes down to who he sees himself with and who he doesn’t. One plus side of hometowns is that he sees where these women come from and what his life would be like with them.

He chooses Nikki, Andi, and Clare to move onto overnight dates, while he sends a broken hearted Renee home packing. Renee is crushed, thinking back that she should have told Juan Pablo exactly how she felt during her hometown date. As he walks her out, she tells him she was falling in love with him, to which he looked clueless as to what to say then. Renee tells the cameras she doesn’t think there is anyone out there like Juan Pablo. Oh, Renee, there is someone out there better for you!