The Bachelor Episode Two Recap: Back to Basics

Week one is always exciting but let’s be real, it all starts week two. True colors come out, the drama begins, and the fantasy of becoming “Mrs. Ben Higgins” becomes real. Episode two starts off with the women gushing over Ben, the “best bachelor in history”.

The first group date was in a high school, because apparently, Ben is one of those weird people who actually enjoyed high school. The ladies were greeted by Professor Harrison (who else thinks this should be Chris Harrison’s every day look?) He told the women they would be going to four classes…first up, science class! The task at hand…make Ben’s volcano explode. Well, we’ll just leave that alone. Lace can’t read or communicate for that matter, because as she bragged to the camera, she was never good at school. Next up, lunch “class”. The women had to make lunch, which included bobbing for apples, specifically red ones, just like Ben’s heart. The Lace of lunch class was Jackie who apparently isn’t very good with her mouth. Again, we’ll leave that alone. In geography class we learned that the women, except for Lauren H who is a teacher, can’t read a map…or can’t even locate the state of Indiana, where Ben is from. Last but not least, gym class. This time we learned that most of the women don’t have very good eye-hand coordination and can’t shoot a free throw, but Mandi has incredibly long legs, which put her a step or hurdle ahead of Amber to win the final competition/homecoming queen, and some alone time with Ben. Mandi’s romantic alone time left the other women jealous, but it wasn’t romantic by any stretch of the imagination.

At the after party, Becca is the first to grab Ben who is falling for her every shot she makes. She tells him this time is different and she won’t be afraid to open up. But it’s Jennifer who opens up and gets the first kiss of the season, not counting Lace’s assault kiss on the first night. Jennifer returns to the group and within three seconds, she gushes that she kissed Ben, which as you can imagine, enrages Lace.

Back at the mansion, a date card comes, and surprise! It’s a one-on-one for Caila. Olivia is outraged, aka the moment we learn she has 3HMunndbQ3Ksu2xhbybI_Olivia's Mouth the biggest mouth in history. I think it’s safe to say that she wouldn’t have had any issues bobbing for apples. While Caila is crushing over her upcoming one-on-one date, Lace is trying to convince Ben that he met a different Lace on night one, one that she didn’t want him to meet. While she was trying to convince him that the real Lace is back and there to stay, ready to get to know him and vice versa, she is doing a damn good job of convincing herself that he is so into her and she will get the rose. Just when she is getting ready to lean in for the real Laces’ first kiss with the hunky bachelor, Jubilee comes and interrupts. I’d say thats a little revenge from science class. “This is not finished”, Lace angrily says as she starred at the rose. When Jubilee returned to the group, Lace asked her if she sucked Ben’s face but luckily, she doesn’t kiss and tell.

Lace wasn’t having any of it so she marched right over to Ben, interrupted a fellow bachelorette, and didn’t feel one ounce of guilt doing it. She reiterated herself once again that she just wants to get to know Ben and then went on to talk about how much she loves Denver, the place he currently resides. Now Ben knows three things about Lace – she has two personalities, both negative, she would move to Denver, and she doesn’t care about anyone except herself. Ben thanks her for coming back over, and Lace tells the camera she is getting the rose, despite not getting a kiss.

When Lace returns to the group they question her of her time with Ben, which she of course lies about. Ben comes and grabs JoJo and takes her to the roof where he shared his appreciation for her bubbleness throughout the date that day. While Ben told her exactly how he felt, she gushed her feelings for him. While twirling her hair (typical), he pulled her in for their first kiss, making every girl watching jealous. What a perfect first kiss. Needless to say the rose went to JoJo, which infuriated Lace, to say the least. #gameon.

The next day is supposed to be all about Caila and Ben considering it is the first one-on-one date of the season, but nope, it’s about Ride Along 2 stars, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, who were planning the date (nice product placement, ABC). This was the most awkward date, besides Jimmy Kimmel on Kaitlyn’s one-on-one last season. After the awkwardness dissipated, Ben and Caila sat down to dinner where he wanted to learn more about her. She told him about her past experience, meeting her ex-boyfriend on a plane and then again on the streets of boston, giving fate the credit, but that her heart didn’t catch up to the oh so adorable story. She quizzed Ben on his “unlovable” comments, leading him to open up, which gave her the opportunity to prove how deep she was, something he appreciated. Needless to say, Caila got the rose. They end the night with the typical private concert, this time by Ben’s favorite artist, Amos.

The next group date was for Amanda, Olivia, Shushanna, Sam, Haley, and Emily. They head to the Love Lab where “scientists” are going to determine how compatible these women are for Ben. After the the first two tests it’s time for the test that measures if their body is creating chemicals that will tell if you’re a long-term match for Ben. This is ABC’s way of getting the bachelor and bachelorettes to strip down.

While the other women watch, Ben puts his body as close as humanly possible to other people’s bodies…but he doesn’t kiss them (even though Olivia begs for it). What we learned – Sam is not compatible with Ben and Olivia is. Of course the other women are jealous, and become increasingly more so when Ben brings Olivia back to his hotel room. They kiss, but Olivia, just like Jubilee, Olivia doesn’t kiss and tell. Amanda finally opens up and tells Ben about her daughters, which earns her a kiss, but no rose. The rose goes to Olivia who boasts “I don’t know what rose ceremonies are really.”

The moment we’ve all been waiting for – the cocktail hour. Before anyone gets a chance, Mrs. Olivia Higgins (sounds terrible, right?) steals her hubby away for some alone time. After openly admitting to the cameras that she wants to kiss him until his lips fall off, she said to Ben, the guy she’s spent very little time with, “you make me really happy,” to which he is taken aback: “That’s a good start,” he says. Translation: We just met; slow the hell down. When returned to the other women, she informs everyone that she’s had her time, which means they’re free to have theirs. Sweet, right? She’s just the best. Lace isn’t going to put up with that. She immediately asks Olivia to speak in private, to confront her.

Lace wasn’t through with Ben yet. She still had to explain her bold personality. She was “dorky looking” when she was a kid. As she asks Ben, “Can I tell you one picture?” YOU LITERALLY CANNOT BUT WHATEVER. Then Ben was saved. Thank G-d. Lauren B. came to the rescue. Ben took her out to the front of the mansion where they had their first conversation and he gave her a picture of them having their first conversation. Aw, so cute. He gave Lauren H. a first place ribbon for being the first one to make Ben’s volcano explode (I can’t, I just can’t), and then Ben surprises Amanda with barrettes, a glue gun, and flowers to decorate them for her daughters. Her heart melted.

The second best moment we were waiting for – the rose ceremony. Ben gives roses to: Amanda, Jubilee, Lauren B., Leah, Becca, Rachel, Lace, and LB, who pulls Ben aside to let him know she isn’t feeling it and leaves on her own. The question of the night – Who was Ben going to send home in her place? Sam, Mandi, and Jackie (and her tiny mouth) were the three unfortunate bachelorettes who left.

Coming up next week…More Lace, more Olivia, and oh yea, more Lace and Olivia. Stay tuned!

The Bachelor Episode One Recap: What Comes First, The Chicken Or The Ben?

The Bachelor is back and it’s better than ever. Every season we’re introduced to 25 (or this season, 28) bachelorettes who are either genuinely looking for love or dying to be famous and become the next Bachelorette. So, let’s jump in!

The season started off in Ben’s hometown of Warsaw, Indiana. A small town guy, well not as small as Chris Soules’ hometown, Ben was one of the genuine guys on Kaitlyn’s season of The Bachelorette, hence why America fell in love with him. As Ben took us through his hometown and small town values, he also talked about his past experiences in love and how rejection has been a huge part of his life (and how much it sucked). His parents, who are still together (shocker, right?) gave him a pep talk and helped him believe in love again, seem like the all-American parents. Followed by their talk, Ben was greeted by three Bachelor successes, Sean Lowe, Jason Mesnick, and well Chris Soules, who we can’t count as a success. Their advice? Have fun, keep your options open, and kiss everyone.

Now the fun part, the ladies. In the intros, we were introduced to the chicken enthusiast, a young mom, a dentist. Yes, I did say a chicken enthusiast and yes, I did say her name is Tiara. If you watched season 17 you know who I’m talking about. Too bad we didn’t get much of Tiara…she didn’t last the night but she will be remembered as we wonder if she will get a real job that does not include chickens named Sheila. Plus, who won’t have the image of her surveying her framed portraits of chickens, chickens, Ben, and more chickens. The question still remains: what comes first? The chicken or the Ben? I guess it’s the chickens for now.

As far as crazy introductions, we had some normal ones including Lauren who was the first one out, who brought Ben a small pair of wings, representative of her job as a flight attendant. Caila got a running start and jumped into Ben’s arms to make a point about catching things, Lace (yes, her real name is Lace) blindfolded Ben to steal the first kiss of the season. Ben was clearly shocked. Lauren R. introduced herself and began listing off things that she knows about Ben because she stalked him on social media. Now there is a way to impress someone the first time you meet…not. She was followed by Shushanna, who didn’t utter a word of English in her entire introduction…or the entire night. Subtitles please. Leah bent over and hiked a football so she could also make a pun about catching things. I think it’s safe to say her and Caila are friends.

Mandi arrived with a giant flower on her head, accompanied by a dirty joke, Maegan brought a horse, JoJo arrived in a unicorn mask, twins Emily and Haley showed up talking in unison, and Jackie brought an actual save the date card with its own hashtag (#tohigginsandtohold). Kudos to Jackie for the creativity but that is the perfect way to drive a guy away…who thinks Ben will steal the hashtag for his wedding to another girl? I do.

Once all of the girls were finally inside and the booze was flowing, Ben proved his teeth were good enough for ‘Miss I Wear A Flower On My Head’, Dentist Mandi in an actual dental exam, while Lace began expressing her greatest fear: That Ben would forget about her. She didn’t completely understand that he was trying to tell her not to try and kiss him again as he explained that this night was not for that. It then turned into the ‘Lace Show’.

Ben was then greeted by Becca and Amber, from Chris Soules’ season. Shocked to say the least, he acted like he knew who they were, but if he didn’t he sure did a good job at hiding it. As expected, the claws came out when the girls saw Becca and Amber “You only get one chance at this!” they all kept saying in different but similarly bitter ways, because they were all realizing the same thing we were realizing: that Becca and Ben are kind of great for each other.

Lace and Mandi both thought they had the first impression rose in the bag, but much to their dismay, it went to Olivia, composed, adorable, and innocent looking…or so we think.


Finally, it was time for Ben to hand out the roses. Both Lauren B’s took the first two, and Lauren H. got one too. Unfortunately, Lauren R.’s social media stalking was not quite successful, so she went home empty handed, now we’re down to 3 Lauren’s instead of 4. Three Lauren’s…who thinks one will get the final rose?

The twins made it through, along with non-English-speaking Shushanna, football girl, and war vet Jubilee.

Shockingly, despite the fact that Lace and Mandi spent the evening whining, drunk,  interrupting, and bitching about everyone else in the room, and with flowers on their head, they both got roses! After 20 seasons one thing we learned is expect the unexpected.

Until next week…

Brands, Twitter IS Important. Here’s How To Run A Successful Twitter Contest!

Working in digital media, I often hear brands say they don’t need Twitter. When I hear that I see huge opportunity, not a reason to stop using the platform. Whether Twitter is doing well or not, every brand can benefit from using it, if it is used correctly. hashtag1

Let’s talk contests! Twitter contests are a fun, engaging way to encourage current fans and consumers, but to also attract new customers. Follow these steps and take your Twitter game to the next level –

  1. Identify the objective: What is your goal? Do you want to increase website traffic? Increase fans? Get more e-mails?
  2. Choose a prize: Choosing a prize is very important. To run a successful contest, whether it’s a Twitter contest or Instagram giveaway, you need to make sure the prize is worthwhile and consumers will be excited about it. The bigger value the prize is, the more people will participate.
  3. Decide what type of contest you want to do and what will be the most successful for your fans. When selecting a contest type, it’s important to consider the barrier of entry and how it will affect the number, quality, and relevance of entries you receive.

Are you unsure what type of contest to run? Let’s break it down:

  • Sweepstakes: If your goal is to drive followers to your website then a sweepstakes is the right type of contest. If this is the case, make sure to include the link in the tweet, as well as how many and what the prizes are. This will encourage users to retweet and click on the link. You must keep in mind, the success of this type of giveaway will be determined by the number of followers a brand has on Twitter. If you request a reply or retweet from people this will likely increase brand reach, followers, and entries. Utilizing influencers would be very helpful for this type of contest.
  • Unlock the contest: Instead of just announcing the contest, ignite excitement and reach with a sweepstakes that only begins after a certain number of retweets. This is a clever way to incentivize followers to share your tweets in return for exclusive deals or prizes. The prize you offer needs to be something special for this type of contest.
  • Hashtag: Encourage your Twitter followers to use a unique, brand-related hashtag to enter a contest. For example, if you own a bar, you could use a Twitter contest to crowdsource the name of a new cocktail and reward the winner with a voucher or a mention in your drinks menu.Using simple contest-related hashtags like #WIN, #giveaway and #Competition are also a great way to get your Twitter contest in front of more people. Cosmetics brand Prismologie uses #WIN and #Competition in this tweet.
  • Follow and retweet: Reward loyal fans with an exclusive contest and encourage new followers with a retweet and follow contest. This is a good choice if you want to boost your reach on Twitter,encourage retweets, attract new followers and increase @mentions of your companys Twitter handle.

Twitter polls are a great way to encourage users to get involved as well. A brand should be engaging fans, not only directly, but indirectly as well. Consumers want to feel as though they can resonate with what a brand is talking about. Broadcasting sales, promotions, and information about products is not a successful way to speak to fans on Twitter, or social media as a whole. For example, a beauty brand can ask fans what their favorite lipstick shade is without mentioning their own products. Of course they would link to their lipstick of choice, but the poll is meant to engage users and hopefully sending them to the website. A brand should also know what their fans are interested in whether it’s tv shows, movies, fashion, culture, food, etc. and intertwine those into the time of year i.e. during the holidays a brand could ask “What is your favorite holiday movie”. Those are great conversation starter that are not directly related to the brand.

A great example of a Twitter contest is what Vera Bradley did.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 6.48.39 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 6.49.05 PM

It was:

• Cross-promoted: By announcing the contest throughout Facebook and Twitter, Vera Bradley was able to reach all of its social media followers.
• Partnership – By partnering with Southern Living magazine (which also promoted the contest), Vera Bradley got exposure beyond its own social presence.
• Consistent image – The image that accompanied the promotional copy remained the same. It is important to keep this in mind as people will be familiar with what the contest is and how to enter.

Twitter is a great resource for brands, so do your research and take advantage, fans are waiting!


Residing on the Upper East Side has it’s perks, especially when it comes to food. The options are endless and delicious. I went to Uva, a rustic-looking spot with a back garden, for the first time, about a year and a half ago for dinner and it was delicious. We ate in the back garden which was so romantic and cozy. It’s like you have escaped the city and are sitting in a back garden in Italy – absolutely adorable!

Recently I went back for a second time with friends for brunch. We requested to sit in the back garden and luckily they had a table. I got the ‘Rustica Frittata’. It had italian bacon, mushrooms, artichokes, and smoked mozzarella. It came with a side of potatoes and a mimosa – All delicious!


Because there are so many restaurants on the Upper East Side, I try to pick places with an equally nice atmosphere. The food is the most important, but whats a restaurant without a nice atmosphere? You could just order in! Overall, I’ve had great experiences at Uva. I will definitely be back again soon!