No Mo’ FOMO: This Week in Social


Facebook introduces Signal, “a free discovery and curation tool for journalists who want to source, gather, and embed newsworthy content from Facebook and Instagram, across news, culture, entertainment, sports, and more—all in one place.” Read more about it here.

Pinterest Palettes 

Pinterest has teamed up with Topshop to create Pinterest Palettes which looks at your boards and unearths your own personal color palette using colors right from your Pins.

Try it out now!

Facebook Dislike Button

Mark Zuckerberg announced there will be a dislike button coming soon to Facebook, but the name of the button is up for debate. One day after the announcement was made by Zuckerberg, the Dislike Button was mentioned over 103K times on Facebook and Twitter.

Sumo Rank

Buzzsumo introduces Sumo Rank, a new Facebook tool that analyzes what content performs best on any Facebook page.

Twitter partners with Square to enable political donations through tweets

It was a big week for politics on social media with the Republican debate and the announcement that Twitter is partnering with Square to allow Twitter users to actively support candidates and causes by allowing anyone in the United States to “make a donation directly to a U.S. candidate through a tweet.”

The most mentioned Twitter handle during the debate was Carly Fiorina, whose handle accumulated more than 1.6 billion impressions.

She’s followed by Donald Trump whose handle registered over 682 million impressions and Marco Rubio whose handle accrued more than 480 million impressions. (Source: Social Media Today)

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 12.17.45 AM_BW

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100% for Hundred Acres

With roughly 35,000 food establishments in the NYC area, how can you choose just one?

The scenario: Friends are coming to visit for the weekend. They are unfamiliar with the city. They want: farm-to-table, not cheap but not outrageously expensive, nice atmosphere, and trendy (who doesn’t want trendy?). My work was cut out for me.

Being in social media, I follow many restaurants on Instagram and had been following Hundred Acres for quite some time. I was intrigued at their different, yet normal menu and the atmosphere, especially that it was in SOHO and had that trendy vibe. They have one of the best Instagram accounts out there. Long story short, everyone agreed!

We started off with the Dipalo’s Ricotta Beignet’s. Drizzled with honey and powdered sugar, they were rich with flavor, but not too sweet. A delicious start to brunch!

FullSizeRender (1)

I got the soft scrambled eggs. The eggs were rich and creamy and the cornbread was savory and moist.


Hundred Acres is a great place to go with a group of people. Brunch is light, but filling – a perfect way to start a Saturday or Sunday…with a little shopping in Soho after. They do say “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content”…

The Power of User Generated Content

Content, content, content! The big “C” is what many brands and marketers are focusing on, but it’s time to switch gears and let the consumer do a little of the work. With that comes some worry for business owners and marketers. In the end, it is their job to ensure that the brand is being represented well and consistently. But keeping up with content creation is becoming more difficult as more companies embrace content marketing and tell their stories online. It is more than ok and encouraged to take a look outside your studio or space for content creators. In reality, your best storytellers may be your biggest fans.

doritos dog

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According to Marketing Tech, “Today’s consumers are used to direct marketing and they are adept at tuning it out as they surf the web. Utilizing user generated content is a great alternative; consumers trust other consumers’ experiences more than direct marketing from brands.”

Also noted by Marketing Tech, the fashion and travel industries are the ones who have the most leverage in terms of UGC as consumers want to see how a certain piece of clothing looks on a “regular” person versus a model and what a hotel or cruise ship looks like from a “normal” person’s lens versus a photo shopped, crisp image that is used in marketing collateral.

Is your brand successful in getting photos from fans? If not, try these tactics:

Contests: When you’re looking to turn fans into brand advocates and receive user generated content from them, think about running a contest. This allows fans to become an effective and open part of your branding strategy, and feel like their voices are being heard. One of the most high-profile examples of this is Doritos’ “Crash the Super Bowl” campaign, an annual contest that awards a cash prize and Super Bowl airtime to the best fan-created Doritos commercial.

Product interaction: One of the easiest ways to encourage users getting involved is to ask them to upload and share their content through a specific hashtag. Incentive the fans by telling them they could see their photo regrammed, “like” it and interact with them as the brand so they feel appreciated, and if you’re feeling generous find a way to take it a step further with a discount or coupon sent to them via e-mail (a great way to capture e-mails!)

Product integration: Consumers love integrating products into their every day lifestyle and therefore brands can claim that as theirs through UGC. It is much less of a hard sell and more of a soft sell, these posts are particularly effective because they express an experience in a personal, thoughtful way that isn’t too self-serving for the brand.

With the right strategy, brands can use UGC to tell a story about their brand through the experiences of their consumers. This kind of engagement and recommendation is incredibly powerful for brands and consumers, and takes some pressure off the marketing team in terms of content creation.

Brands: Become a Pro with Periscope

Periscope might be new but it is taking the social media world by storm. The live streaming mobile video app was purchased by Twitter in February of 2015. Using a new social media channel as a brand demonstrates your understanding to stay up-to-date with contemporary, new high-tech changes, especially amongst millennials.

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There are now more than 10 million Periscope accounts. That’s an impressive rate of growth considering  its four months of existence – Mind you, it took Twitter two years to reach it’s first million users, and Snapchat, 16 months to hit 10 million monthly active users.

1. Real time marketing: RTM is often the most captivating form of content on social media, which is what Periscope is about. Real time video streaming is assumably it’s biggest unique selling proposition. Periscope > Vine, Snapchat, and other video apps.

2. Direct communication: Skype and Face Time are personal forms of communication. Now imagine using those platforms for everyone to see! It is becoming more and more socially acceptable to break these personal boundaries and reach out to the general public, allowing a direct and engaging form of communication compared to any other social media platform out there.

3. Live video streaming: Periscope provides a live video streaming platform that is basically like face timing to your Twitter followers, whereas Snapchat limits you to 10 seconds and doesn’t enable the flow of video.

5. Multiple opportunities for the millennials: Many brands cater to the 18-34 age bracket. Guess what that means? Periscope is the place for you! A staggering 50% of Periscope users are aged 18-34 so the opportunities are endless to reach the millennial population.

How can brands use Periscope?

  • Connect with influencers
  • Take fans behind the brand
  • Repurpose content for other social channels
  • Get e-mails
  • Show live product demonstrations
  • Sneak peek into exclusive events
  • Live Q&A’s

With NYFW coming up, it is the perfect time for fashion brands to take advantage of the benefits of Periscope. Ralph Lauren is teaming up with the streaming video app to live-stream their collection show. See how other brands have used Periscope to rejuvenate their content marketing here.

Video is crucial to a brand’s success and Periscope is on the rise so if you’re questioning whether your brand should be on it, the answer is yes.