Interview: Shay Shull Dishes on The Bachelor, Family Life, & Blogging

If you are a fan of The Bachelor or Bachelorette, you most likely know who Shay (Lowe) Shull is. If not, here is a little background for you. Sean Lowe was one of 25 men vying for the heart of Emily Maynard on season 8 of The Bachelorette. Sean made it to the final four, which is when he brought Emily home to Dallas, TX to meet his family. That’s where Shay, Sean’s sister comes in. I think I can speak for most viewers when I say, we all fell in love with Sean’s family. His mother and father seemed to have such a great marriage, life, and family, as well as Shay and her husband, Andrew. Not to mention their gorgeous kids, Kensington and Smith. Emily let Sean go the week after hometowns, leaving us, the viewers heartbroken for Sean. ABC didn’t let us down — Sean was announced as the new Bachelor. Sean’s family, including Shay played a large part in his quest to find love on both shows. Aside from being Sean’s sister, Shay has made a name for herself as the ‘Mix & Match Mama’ (such a cute name!), a lifestyle and food blogger. She shares tips for women on how to balance their home and work lives, as well as providing awesome, delicious recipes that make the process even easier. It doesn’t hurt that Shay has awesome style that she shares on her blog as well!

AL: What was your reaction to Sean being on The Bachelorette and then as The Bachelor?

SS: We were so excited about him being chosen for the Bachelorette!  We knew it would be a once in a lifetime experience, and we also knew he would make us so proud.  When he was picked as the Bachelor…well, that was surreal.  I really can’t explain that one.  It was just so surreal.  He was starring in our very favorite TV show!

AL: Were you skeptical of the process?

SS: I had no reason to be skeptical, so we weren’t at all.

AL:  What was your experience like during Sean’s season of The Bachelor? How was it different than his time on The Bachelorette? Was Sean able to share anything with you when he got sent home by Emily and when he chose Catherine?

SS: We really didn’t speak to Sean any more often when he was on the Bachelor than when he was on the Bachelorette.  During the filming, everything was very hush-hush but once he came home, he was able to tell us everything (with both seasons).

Shea went to St. Croix to lend Sean her advice on the remaining women:

AL: We all saw how close Sean is with his family. How did you explain Sean going on both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette to Kensington and Smith? Were they allowed to watch the show on TV? What was their reaction? If you remember any hilarious quotes from them, please do share!

SS: We let our kids watch both seasons.  Sean is a really big part of their lives and the show represented him and our family, so we let them watch both seasons (they were 2 & 3 during the Bachelorette and 3 & 4 during the Bachelor).  They loved talking about Tierra!  They still talk about Tierra and her tantrums.

You can see one of the BEST lines from Smith here:

AL: How did Sean being on the show change your life? Your family’s life? Do people stop you on the street and say hey, thats Sean’s sister? Are you referred to more as Sean’s sister in public now?

SS: I’m not sure that Sean being on the show changed my life but it did make the life that I have a little more public.  I am still doing the same things now that I did before he joined the Bachelorette, just with a broader audience.

AL: When and what made you start Mix and Match Mama? What did you want to come out of it? How does that differ from

SS: I started blogging about my life about a year before I became pregnant the first time.  That blog has turned into a place for busy ladies trying to simplify their lives.  I include tips and tricks, organization and of course, lots of pics of my family.  I’ve had my original blog for over 6 years.  My foodie blog came out of my original blog two years ago.  I wanted that to be a specified place for me to share easy and simple recipes that busy women would love.  I love blogging and hope to continue doing it for many years to come.

AL: We all saw your what seems to be ‘perfect’ family on both The Bachelor and Bachelorette. Was your family well represented, similar to what we saw on TV?

SS: Our family was represented well on both shows but I don’t think it accurately describes us.  I have had many people say  that our family looks “perfect”…well, it’s not.  My family is great and I’m incredibly blessed but it’s far from perfect.  What you DSC_2134edit saw on both of those shows was just 3 days out of our lives.  We have a wonderful family but I would hate for anyone to think it’s perfect.  No family is perfect.

AL: We saw what a wonderful husband you have in Andrew on the show, someone you describe as “a super funny, really smart, extremely hot (we all agree by the way!), former football player (who has the healthiest diet known to man-kind)”. How did you meet Andrew? It’s a good thing he has all of the qualities you mentioned because a Yankees fan and a Red Sox fan?! What a mix and match couple!

SS: Sean and Andrew played college football together at Kansas State and Sean introduced us.  We’ve been married almost 10 years.  We have very similar personalities, which works well for us.  We’re both driven and hardworking and pretty passionate people.  He’s a wonderful husband and a great father to our kids.  I am very blessed to be his wife.  His only flaw is that he’s a Yankee fan…but I have learned to overlook that :).

AL: What’s your favorite recipe of all time to make? It can be dinner or dessert (or both)!

SS: My very favorite recipe is my Pasta with Corn and Bacon.  I absolutely love this meal!

AL: Where did you get your love for cooking? Did your parents cook a lot when you were growing up?

SS: My mom always cooked dinner growing up but she doesn’t have a love for food like I do.  I started cooking and baking when I was in elementary school and found a passion.  I love reading recipes, I love creating recipes, I love grocery shopping…I really love everything about the entire process.  I am a foodie at heart.

AL: What was your first reaction when Sean announced he was on Dancing with the Stars? More importantly, what were some of Kensington and Smith’s reactions to Sean’s dancing skills?

SS: We were excited for Sean to do DWTS.  I knew that would be out of his comfort zone because he’s not a dancer, so that made me even more proud of him.  The kids thought it was awesome!  We were all really, really proud!

AL: You recently announced that you and Andrew will be adopting a little girl, Ashby London (LOVE the name!). Congratulations! When will she officially be a part of your family? How did Kensington and Smith take the news? I’m sure they will both be great with their new little sister!

SS: We can’t really go into the details on Ashby but we’re very excited to have her in our family!  Our kids talk about her non-stop :).

AL: Fun fact — How did you become a Red Sox fan? Or if your dad influenced you, how did he become a Red Sox fan from Texas? I’m personally with Andrew (a Yanks fan!) but have people in my family who are Red Sox fans…it’s a fun but tough rivalry!

SS: I went to Boston for the first time when I was 14 and fell in love.  My dad and I started bonding over baseball and our love for Boston and it continues to grow each season.  I love watching the Red Sox play every night at home but my favorite thing to do is watch them play in Fenway Park.

AL: We all envied your fashion and makeup picks during your appearances on The Bachelor and Bachelorette (I loved that green blouse from J. Crew!)…awesome fashion sense! What is your favorite clothing store? What is your favorite fall must have this year? For clothing and make up?

SS: I love Nordstrom, Gap and J Crew the most!  I really try and buy basics and then add in a few trendy pieces each season.  A great pair of jeans or boots will last you a long, long time.  I am obsessed with accessories like jewelry and scarves and I love, love, love makeup!  This season, I might try some flats for a change.  I’m always wearing heels but I think this season, I might try some flat riding boots and ballet flats.  I love feeling comfortable and confident in what I wear.  You should wear the clothes, they shouldn’t wear you!

Want to see some of Shay’s fall must-haves? Check out her closet, updated for September here!

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Thank you to Shay for sharing her insight on family, food, lifestyle, and of course, giving us a little inside scoop on Sean’s journey on The Bachelor. Hope you enjoy!

Bachelor Episode 12 Recap: Love Is In The Air

Where did this season go?! Two months of witnessing Sean Lowe’s (and his gorgeous shirtless body) journey of falling in love has gone by in a flash. We all wanted to know three things going into the finale. Who does Sean pick? Does he propose? Does she says yes? What was that letter all about? After The Final Rose wouldn’t be the same without Chris Harrison teasing us with the biggest surprise that was just decided in the last 24 hours. If you’ve been watching The Bachelor for a while, hopefully you’ve smartened up and realize you have to take what Chris Harrison says with a BIG grain of salt.

Sean’s family comes out to Thailand to meet the two women. First, can we just talk about how gorgeous and amazing his family really is? Who wouldn’t want to be a part of the Lowe clan? His sister Shay and her husband are perfect looking and their kids are practically models. I would want to be part of that family just so Shay can build me a life size play house that her daughter McKenzie has. Catherine met the family first. They welcomed her with open arms. Catherine talked to Sean’s dad where she felt so comfortable and knew this was the family she wanted to become a part of. “If it’s you that Sean ends up marrying, you will never have a bigger fan than me. I will love you like my daughter and support you.”, Sean’s dad, Jay tells Catherine. Aww, how cute! Catherine got teary eyed..Because she was happy or because she was afraid of losing Sean AND his amazing family? She talked to Sean’s mom, Sherri as well and it was safe to say, they really took to Catherine.

Next up? The drunk girl who showed up in a wedding dress to meet their son. Lindsay and Sean showed much more affection when talking to the family, telling them where they have been, what they have done, and the state that Lindsay was in when they met. His family found the humor in it and they all shared some laughs. Jay pulled Lindsay aside and threw the tough questions at her. It’s obvious how seriously Sean’s family was taking this and Jay’s questions confirmed that. He wanted to see if the giddy, 24 year old, substitute teacher was ready for the commitment that his son was searching for. Jay got to ask questions, then it was Lindsay’s turn. “I do have one question for you”, Lindsay says. “Can I have Sean’s hand in marriage?”, Lindsay asks while she bursts out in laugher. With a slight hesitation, Jay laughs and says “If it’s cool with him, you got it baby.” Lindsay shared her feelings for Sean with Sherri, explaining that their relationship is “’s normal”. Yes, Lindsay, your relationship is real and normal, traveling to exotic locations, eating bugs, being followed by camera crews, and sharing it with viewers on national television. Lindsay explained to Sherri that her and Sean’s values line right up. “We want to wait to umm get married to live together”, Lindsay says, but what she really means is “We want to wait to get married to umm sleep together”. It was time for Lindsay to “say her goodbyes”, Sean says. Wow, he has really learned something from Chris. Overall, the family visits were normal and uneventful, different from past seasons.

After his family meets the two women, Sean tries to get them to reveal who they like better or who they see him with more, to make sean-and-his-mom-2368641862520580267 his decision easier. After they say what most every family has said before, “they’re both great girls!”. Thanks fam! Sean’s mother is very skeptical of the proposal considering Sean himself has said he only wants to be engaged and married once. She expresses her concerns to him and lets him know if he isn’t sure what girl he wants to end up with at that point, he shouldn’t propose to either woman. Wow, mom, now those are BIG words. Sean goes for a walk with his mother to reassure her of his feelings for both girls, and his love for his family. He listens to her concerns and gladly tells her, he won’t make a mistake.

On their last one-on-one date before his big decision, Sean and Lindsay take a raft ride down the Mekong River. As that poor man is sweating behind them, “driving” the raft, the two lovebirds reminisce over their journey starting with their date in Montana. While remembering all the fun, good times, Lindsay jokes that Sean is a “an awful wrestler” while Sean rebuttal’s “No I’m not. Do not tell lies. I will pin you so fast on the river.” Oh wait, if the water didn’t look like diarrhea they could have jumped in. Lindsay explains their relationship as the perfect balance where they can be goofy and best friends, but they also have the best chemistry. Sean and Lindsay discuss the possibility of a future and how they will look old. “I’m gonna be pretty handsome.”, Sean says about himself. “I can picture you being a hot old chick.”, he says about Lindsay. At least they’ll be old and hot together.


During the second half of their date, Lindsay feels the pressure to put her entire heart and self on the line on “the most important night of her life.” Don’t forget about the final rose ceremony, Lindsay. Pretty sure that’s the day that will change your life..for better or for worse. The two discuss their feelings, well Lindsay tells Sean how madly in love with him she is, while Sean sits there nodding his head and smiling. For all Lindsay knows, he could be smiling and thinking about his date with Catherine the next day. “When I think of what I want in a husband, you have everything that I’ve ever wanted and then when I think about the relationship that I want with my husband, we have that.”, Lindsay tells Sean. “and it just keeps getting better and better..but I’m nervous” “Don’t be nervous”, Sean says as he kisses Lindsay’s hand. “I don’t know what I would do if I lost you,” a skeptical Lindsay shares. She lays out all of her concerns while Sean tells her “I am glad I’m here right now..and you look really pretty tonight”, followed by many kisses. “When Sean and I kiss it’s very reassuring because his kisses kind of just tell me it all..that’s why we’re always kissing cause I feel like that’s how he can really express himself to me right now.” Lindsay tells Sean she has a surprise. He’s hoping it’s not a wedding dress. Lindsay had three lanterns with the three things (wishes) she thinks they need to have a happy life – love, happiness, and Sean’s virginity. No, no! Just joking! The first one was for love, the second was for happiness, and the third was for family. They lit the lanterns and sent them off into the skies of Thailand, while Lindsay prayed she would be the last girl standing.


Sean and Catherine meet up for what could be their last date. All I want to know is what on earth Catherine is wearing. Catherine’s nsgfJj5xcDSmstyle and little notes screams she is still in middle school. Sean surprises her with an elephant. They take a ride on Beau through the Thailand gardens. Sean put Catherine in charge. If Catherine’s sense of direction is anything like her fashion sense, those two will be in MAJOR trouble. After their triumphant elephant ride, the two lovebirds sit down to talk about their journey. Catherine tells Sean “I’m excited..for everything” with the least amount of an excitement that an exciting person should have. They talk about their future. Not about where they will live or how many kids they want, but about engagement parties.

During the second half of their date, Catherine, just like Lindsay realizes how important it is to lay her heart on the line. Only problem is, every time Catherine has done that and said “I love you” first to a man, it’s ended. Yes, Catherine is Taylor Swift. Sean says that date was “one of the coolest days in my life” after the time he and Lindsay ate bugs, of course. “That’s the truf”, he says in his “nerdy” voice. Catherine lays her heart on the line, aka trying to convince Sean she is the right woman for him. “You’re constantly on my mind and I picture you and I a lot”, he says. Sean gives Catherine some affirmation, also known as major lip action. “I honestly can’t see it any other way going down than me accepting your proposal. I couldn’t not see that happening”, Catherine reveals. She should be able to see Lindsay accepting Sean’s proposal too. While saying goodbye, Catherine and Sean hug where she tells him “Sean, I love you.”, hoping their relationship would continue and not fail, just like all her previous ones where she said the magic words first. Catherine feels very unsettled, wishing she would get “a glimmer of I want to be with you forever” but didn’t. She ran after Sean, where he comforted her by hugging, kissing her and confirming how great their day together was. Catherine, who says she “feels like s***” verbalizes her frustrations, admitting “I can’t get anything out of him”. No Catherine, you can’t. You are on The Bachelor, a show where the bachelor/ette doesn’t reveal their feelings until the FINAL rose ceremony. “I want him to reciprocate his feelings for me”, she says. Realizing that Sean must have feelings for herself AND the other woman he is dating, Catherine is a ball of nerves after their final date.

We hear Sean talk about the two remaining women, while we are starring at THIS –> photo3

Sean looks over rings with Neil Lane, choosing the cushion cut for his princess. Somewhere, AshLee Frazier is kicking herself for even mentioning the type of ring she wanted. While talking about his future with the love of his life who he “can’t live without”, Sean sheds some tears. Will he pull a Mesnick?

Both women get emotional while getting ready to go learn their fate. Lindsay “can’t imagine her life without Sean”, while Catherine “feels confused”. With Lindsay’s positive words and outlook and Catherine’s skepticism, Sean knows what he needs to do. If you have been watching The Bachelor/ette since the beginning, or even the last few seasons, you know how it plays out. Whatever girl gets out of the limo first is the one going home. There was ONE exception during Jesse Palmer’s season when his final choice, Jessica arrived first and waited inside the Bachelor mansion while Tara arrived, only for Jesse to tell her she’s not the one. Since then, the producers have not tried to trick us again.

Lindsay showed up first. Actually, her tattoo showed up first. She walked over the bridge where Sean was waiting on the other side. He looked troubled, sporting his incredible poker face. Sean and Lindsay’s conversation starts off the same it always had. “You Lindsay-approaches-the-final-rose-ceremony  look beautiful”, Sean says, Lindsay says, “thank you. You look handsome.” Let’s cut the BS guys and get the show on the road. “You have been such a surprise”, Sean says. What he meant was I thought you were a drunk, young girl in a wedding dress but I was wrong. Sean says he wants to give his heart to her so bad but his heart is somewhere else. At that point, Lindsay pulls her hands away from Sean’s. Nodding her head like she understands but just wants to shut him up and slap him, Lindsay  says, “I’m going to go”. As happy as Lindsay says she is for Sean, she really wants him and Catherine to fall in the river and drown. Lindsay takes her shoes off with her real intention to throw them at Sean.

Chris Harrison shows up with THE letter. Hopefully y’all have watched the show enough to know something big that they’ve made this letter out to be is actually NOT something that big. Sean expresses his concerns that he’s receiving a letter from Catherine, when in fact she is supposed to be on her way to him right then and there. His immediate thoughts? She’s opting out. Oh, Sean, CHRIS-HARRISON-CATHERINE-GUIDICI-lgwho would opt out from you? That girl would have to be CRAZY. Don’t fear Bachelor Nation, Catherine’s innocent little notes throughout the season turned scandalous for no reason. Catherine shows up looking the best she’s ever looked in a gorgeous one-shoulder, gold, David Meister gown. He finished reading Catherine’s biggest love note of the season, shedding tears as his future  wife walked towards him. “I miss you every time we have to say goodbye.”, Sean says. “I don’t want to say goodbye anymore” Catherine’s eyes start fluttering, her nostrils can’t stop pulsating, and her hands trembling. Catherine almost has a heart attack while Sean gets on bended knee, asking her if she will marry him. Sean finally gets to say the magic words that Catherine wanted to hear for eight weeks. “I love you”, he says. “I will tell you every day.” “I am so addicted to you”, Catherine says, as she stares at Sean in awe. She accepts his ring AND final rose. Sean asks Catherine if she’s ready to get out of there, only to turn around and see their ride, an elephant waiting to whisk them away, off into the sunset. Catherine is still in awe, asking, “I get this (the elephant) and this (Sean)?” “Yes, your beefcake”. One hunky, piece of beef right there.



Congratulations to the happy couple!

Throughout the finale, during the live studio audience participation, Chris Harrison announced there would be a live, surprise announcement from Sean and his fiancé coming up on After the Final Rose that was just decided within the last 24 hours. Again, if you’ve been watching the show for a while, we would all take this surprise with a big grain of salt. The big news? Sean and Catherine announced since they found love on national television, it would only make it right to be married on national TV and share their special day with Bachelor Nation. Seriously, that was the announcement? Now y’all know..Don’t read into Chris Harrison’s surprises that much.


Lindsay was on After the Final Rose to talk to (and possibly) confront Sean about his decision or how he did it but the young bachelorette couldn’t find it in her heart to rip into Sean for any reason. He let her down the best he could, given the circumstances and he had no good reason to give her other than he had fallen in love with Catherine, even though he still loved Lindsay. What a sick and twisted concept that is. Lindsay handled herself and the situation with grace. What a class act!

The final announcement? The next Bachelorette is drumroll..Desiree. Not like we didn’t know before. With all these spoilers, even bachelor-sean-lowe-dancing-with-the-stars ABC can’t keep a secret. Chris asks Des if she can handle 25 guys. Don’t worry, if Des can’t handle him, we know her brother will. It didn’t take long for Des to shed some tears, sharing her joy with viewers from all over the country. If she is shedding tears just when she is announced as The Bachelorette we are going to be in for a very long, emotional journey. Oh wait, the LAST and FINAL surprise is ..drumroll..Sean is the 12th celebrity to join the Dancing With The Stars cast. That wasn’t a secret either. It was leaked weeks ago, along with the news about Des. Sean is my only reason for watching DWTS this season, but damn! Peta better turn up the heat and get us some major ‘shirtless Sean’ action with some sexy salsa and samba dances. Get your voting on and be a part of #teamseanandpeta or #teammurgalowe.

Throwback Thursday: Interview with Elizabeth Kitt

Rewind three years ago (and three Bachelor seasons) to season 14 with Jake Pavelka. Elizabeth Kitt was one of the ladies fighting for Jake Pavelka’s affections. In case you don’t recall, Jake chose Vienna Girardi and they split shortly after in June 2010. You might remember Elizabeth (29 at the time), the blonde bombshell (now a brunette!) who also went on season one (2010) of Bachelor Pad for the opportunity to win $250,000. There, she partnered with Jesse Kovacs, her love interest and boyfriend (of a couple of months before the show), until she got eliminated during after the sixth week of competition. Elizabeth didn’t find love or win the money on either show, but she did come out of it a better person. I am very glad to have had the opportunity to meet Elizabeth through Twitter, talk to her, and share her experience on the Bachelor and Bachelor Pad with all of you.

A.L.: What were your intentions going on The Bachelor?

E.K.: My mom (God love her) submitted for the show after I had experienced a very tough break up. When I got the call from ABC I 3465121_56933f79-8859-4266-9778-4b44a8d1091f-51113100 had heard about the Bachelor of course, but I had only watched an episode of it here and there so I didn’t know a lot about what I was in for. I figured I would find love (and possibly my husband) on the show as crazier things have happened!!

A.L.: Were you falling in love with Jake at the time or with the idea of falling in love in the dream setting on the show?

E.K.: I think I would have liked to have fallen in love on the show, but you never know how you’re going to react in a setting like  that where a lot of women are fighting to get time with one man, and he’s sharing his feelings with you and everyone else. That setting was not for me, and my walls went up immediately. There was no chance of me letting my guard down to be vulnerable to a man in a setting like that. I’m able to let me guard down ONLY in a setting where the man makes me feel like I’m the only woman in the world.


Elizabeth & Jake (Bachelor Season 14)

A.L.: On the Bachelor, you were very different from the other women, in the sense that you didn’t kiss Jake right away, or as quickly as the other women. We did see some notes being passed to Jake that mentioned you wouldn’t kiss him unless/until you were the last girl standing. What was your reasoning behind that? The background? Did you think it would work to your advantage?

E.K.: Good question! Here’s how the whole “letter” and “decision to not kiss Jake” thing really went down. I had been slipping Jake little notes since the first night. I thought it would be a good way for him to get to know me since the producers don’t allow you to have any time with him. That backfired on me when the producers found out about the notes and forced me to read the note allowed. I was NOT HAPPY about that at all. They (of course) edited the footage of me reading the letter so it showed me saying whatever they wanted me to say. The letter was much better than what was aired, and I think Jake respected it which is why he gave me the safe rose that night.

After he and I sat alone under fireworks at Magic Mountain, the producers cut our time short because I wouldn’t kiss him, so they took us home in separate cars and I got screamed at by one of the producers in my car. He said “I wouldn’t do that if I were you!” And I said “Do what?” And he said “I wouldn’t not kiss him!”
The next time I saw Jake he was completely different. I think the producers convinced him that I was playing games with him and stringing him along, so he let me go that night.
My reasoning for not wanting to kiss was mostly about wanting to hold off on the physical, to see if a spark could happen first. I  think it’s easy to get emotions confused when it starts off 100% physical. Also, kissing is very intimate for me, and knowing he was kissing all the other girls made my walls go up BIG TIME!
Do I think not kissing caused me to go home so early? Yes. Absolutely. Do I regret it? No, not at all. It’s important in life to stand behind your convictions. Never be afraid to be different. If it causes you to not get the guy, then that guy is not the one for you!! :-)
(fast forward to the 7:45 mark)

A.L.: What was your reaction when you were approached to be on Bachelor Pad?

E.K.: HECK YES!!! I was very excited to be picked to be a part of the VERY FIRST Bachelor Pad and the chance to win $250,000!!! We didn’t know what to expect since it was the first of its kind, but being able to go back to the Bachelor house and spend time competing against “family” was a pretty cool chance to get.

A.L.: Did you truly believe you were falling in love with Jesse Kovacs and he was falling in love with you?

E.K.: Here’s the thing about that. Jesse and I had been dating for a few months PRIOR to being on the show. We had spent quite a bit of time together: I met his family and took a trip back home with him; he met my mom when she came out to L.A. to visit me, etc. We had even told each other we were falling in love. When I told him I was offered the chance to go on the Bachelor Pad, he supported me in my decision to go on the show, but he told me that he wasn’t approached for the show. So it was a complete shock for me when he arrived to the house that first day, and it devastated me that he was acting like we weren’t a couple at first. I didn’t know what he was trying to do me. $250,000 was on the line and he chose not to discuss it with me prior to going on the show, so I didn’t know who to trust. I don’t care if the producers told him not to tell me, you don’t do that to someone you supposedly care about.


Elizabeth & Jesse aka “Kovacs” (Bachelor Pad Season 1)

A.L.: Did you consider the fact that he was just “playing” you to win the game?

E.K.: Yes. That’s exactly what I was thinking. Hence all the tears!!

A.L.: Did the negative press or discussion on either show bother you? How did you handle it?

E.K.: Yes it did bother me. I think if I had been a “Reality Show Junkie” going into all of this I would have been more prepared about what I was getting myself into and then I would have been able to make a more informed choice whether I wanted to put myself through all of that or not, but I barely watched much T.V., and I didn’t know the Bachelor “process”. I didn’t know that there were group dates, hometown dates, one-on-one dates, etc. The girls in the house had to explain all of that to me, lol! There’s nothing that can prepare you for the way they edit the show, and there’s NOTHING that can prepare you for the awful things you read about online in blogs, and message boards. My friends from the show warned me not to read that stuff, but I couldn’t help it I read it all. I was pretty scarred for a while after all of it, but at the end of the day I’m me. I have friends and family who love me, and I’m strong in my faith, so those are the things that get you through any tough experience in life.

A.L.: Did you enjoy being on The Bachelor or Bachelor Pad more? Why?

E.K.: The Bachelor Pad!! Even though I had a tough time with the Kovacs thing, we did have a LOT OF FUN filming the show. It  wasn’t ALL tears and no fun. I was lucky to have made friends with a lot of the contestants BEFORE going on the show so when we got there it was like a mini vacation with my friends!

A.L.: Did you remain close with any of the women from The Bachelor and fellow Bachelor Pad contestants? If so, who?

E.K.: Yes! Natalie Getz and I live literally one mile apart in Hermosa Beach, so we get together quite a bit and she makes me laugh with her quirky/fun humor. Ashley Elmore is a dear friend and Kathryn Sherlock. I LOVE Jessie Sulidis, but it’s tough to get to see her very often since she lives in Canada. I LOVE Channy Choch (the “landing strip” girl) from my season too, but it’s hard to align our schedules. One of my BFF’s is Rebecca Revel from Brad’s second season! I didn’t see the show (of course) but I met her at a charity event in Venice Beach and we clicked instantly.

A.L.: Do you watch Sean Lowe’s season of The Bachelor?

E.K.: Since being on the show I try to watch the first episode of every season so that I at least know the contestants. This way I’m not COMPLETELY out of the loop. But no, I haven’t been faithfully watching (sorry).

A.L.: What do you think makes Sean such a great (and attractive) Bachelor (besides his 12 pack abs and gorgeous body)?

E.K.: From what I know of Sean, I think it’s attractive that not only is he a tall and handsome guy with a nice body and great smile, but from what I’ve read in magazines he has strong morals and stands behind his convictions. I think that’s attractive in a man. A man who is strong in his faith and lives by it, is extremely attractive to me! If that’s truly who he is, he will make some lucky woman very happy one day.

A.L.: Who is your favorite bachelorette out of the final four? Why?

E.K.: From the LIMITED knowledge I know about the final four, I like Desiree Hartsock mostly because I know a girl who used to be her roommate here in L.A.! Also, from what I’ve seen on the show she seems cool, and sweet, and able to just roll with anything that comes her way.

A.L.: Although you haven’t seen all of the episodes this season, Selma had told Sean she couldn’t kiss Sean (because of her background) on their one-on-one date. At one of the cocktail parties, she surprised him and kissed him (she might realized her not kissing him could be a reason for him to let her go), but he sent her home that evening regardless. Do you think her intentions were similar to yours (despite her background)? Do you think that is what caused Sean to send her home that quickly?

A.L.: Trista and Ryan and Jason and Molly are the only couples to have gotten married from the show. Do you think it’s possible to fall in love on the show through all of the drama and fantasy dates?

E.K.: I do. Simply because love finds us. I’m a firm believer of that. I think this show provides a fun and entertaining way of letting people meet, but the show itself is not what makes love happen. Love is the ONE THING that you can’t force. It’s either there or it’s not there. Sometimes it’s there for one person and not the other (which sucks). But on rare occasions love happens equally between two people and it’s pretty magical. The Bachelor has been pretty successful and putting people together after the show too, (Jesse Csincsak and Ann Lueders; Peyton Wright and Chris Lambton; Holly Durst and Blake Julian; John Presser and Tara Durr…have I left anyone out?!) which I think is pretty awesome!!

A.L.: What would you say to any future contestants to go on The Bachelor to fight for a guys love or on Bachelor Pad?

E.K.: KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GETTING INTO!!! And DON’T FIGHT WITH THE PRODUCERS!! When I wasn’t comfortable photo 1-5 kissing Jake the producers were furious with me, but I told them I wasn’t going to do it just because they wanted me to. I was kicked off the next possible chance. Just go with the flow, and always try to stay under the radar until the very end! Also, DON’T READ THE MESSAGE BOARDS and blogs!! You’ll develop insecurities you never would have had!

A.L.: What have you been doing since the shows? Do you have a boyfriend? Where do you see yourself in the future? Would you ever be on The Bachelor again?

E.K.: Since the show I’ve been working for a prestigious Ophthalmology group in Beverly Hills! So if you would like to get LASIK from THE BEST surgeons around, go to! Do I have a boyfriend? Yes I do! I’m not ready to say just yet, but he’s someone you would know! :) Where do I see myself in the future? Well, I do hope that marriage and family is in my future some day. Other than that, I can’t really answer that. Would you ever be on The Bachelor again?  I never say never to anything, but I would NEVER again put my life on hold for an opportunity that makes someone else rich at the expense of my own well being. I’ll just leave it at that. If I was presented with an opportunity which paid me very well, then sign me up. But no otherwise. It’s not worth it.

A.L.: Are there any deep, dark secrets that you kept and would like to share now from your experiences on either show? Bachelor nation would love to know!

E.K.: Deep, dark secrets….oooh, I have a LOT of those. BUT there are some things that are best kept within the “family”. I will say that something I think everyone should know is that when you’re watching the show and the couple is having a nice/romantic dinner, that food is ICE COLD!!!! We didn’t get a chance to eat much on the dates, but the alcohol is always just an arms length away!

Thank you to Elizabeth for sharing her experiences on both, The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad! Hope you enjoy Bachelor Nation!

If you don’t follow her on Twitter already, you can @elizabethkitt22

Bachelor Episode 8 Recap: Home is Where the Hea(r)t Is

Hometowns are my favorite part of the Bachelor. You not only get to see the women’s families, but you get to see where they grew up, what their backgrounds like, how Sean may or may not fit in with their family, and oh ya, meet some jerks along the way.

AshLee – Houston, TX

Ashlee’s date was a carbon copy of Sean’s hometown date on the Bachelorette except with more crying. Well, hey, if Sean ended up with AshLee, they sure wouldn’t have to discuss relocating. Sean arrived in Houston where AshLee was walking her adorable dog, Bailey in the park. She set up a “picnic”..not sure if there was any food involved, but there was a blanket. Doesn’t that make it a picnic? They talked (well, Ashlee talked and told Sean how much she appreciated him on their one-on-one when she told him about her marriage and divorce). I love AshLee but the metaphors? I don’t think I can take many more. After Sean reassured her for the 10th time that she is not broken, they arrived at her parents house. In case you don’t remember, AshLee was in five foster homes before she got adopted by her parents who Sean went home to meet.


AshLee’s dad jumps right in and wants to know what they’ve been doing, where they’ve been, and who they’ve met. Ashley, of course starts with the most meaningful date. “We went to this amazing lake and all the sudden Sean tells us we are doing what’s called the polar bear plunge. I stood there and I looked at this lake and thought, I made this commitment and I needed to leave every insecurity and fear of abandonment and fear of walking away without him behind”, she says while trying to hold back tears. “…and I jumped in and in my mind I was like I submerged everything and left it in the water and came out.” She then begins to describe their date in St. Croix. “We were on the island and now you’re going to have to forgive me, there was a lot of romance,” she says smirking. “Hmm,” says her father. “ and I need to have a talk.”, her mother laughs. AshLee tells them they rolled around in the sand and left the other details to their imagination. “All in fun of course,” Sean says. Who’s she kidding? Do AshLee’s parents know Sean is a born again virgin? Pretty sure that would make her pastor father VERY happy. While talking to her mother, Sean learned how protective she is, considering she was in five foster homes before this. “You better not break her heart!”, her mother says. Mrs. Frazier – your daughter is on a DATING show, one which there is only ONE girl left at the end. Hearts DO get broken. Sean and her father spoke about AshLee’s wedding and divorce and Sean continued to ask him for his hand in marriage, if it came to that. Of course he said yes.


Contemplating her next metaphor

Moral of the date: Sean and AshLee’s houses have the most in common.

Catherine: Seattle, WA

Catherine’s hometown started off where else but at the Pike Place Market. I feel like the Bachelor/ette has filmed the most in images-19Seattle, whether it’s hometowns or just a destination on the journey and Pike Place is always on the list. Catherine greets Sean and is so excited to tell him what they’re doing. Something seemed a little fishy. Yes, I said fishy. Catherine surprises Sean and has him catch fish in the marketplace. Little does Catherine know, Sean isn’t going to just let her watch on the sidelines. She’s up next! Catherine gets in place and attempts to catch her first fish when it slips through her hands. “It’s slippery!”, she said. “I know, it is a fish,” says the guy who works there. Guess fish catching isn’t in Catherine’s future. Catherine and Sean continue to explore Seattle, showing each other constant affection, laughing, dancing, and joking around. She warns Sean that her mother can be a little intimidating, but gives him some advice on how to greet her grandmother, Lola or “graham cracker”. Manong is a Filipino tradition when you take the hand of your elder and place it on your forehead. Hey, if it will impress one of her family members, even one named “graham cracker”, Sean’s all for it.

They arrive at the house where Sean meets Catherine’s two sisters, Monica and India, her mother, and her grandmother. He immediately impressed grandma, but her sisters and mother, not so much. Her mother asked Sean for help in the kitchen where he wore an apron (oh no, not one apron, but two..really two? shirtless would have been better) and helped cook. Before Catherine sat down with her sisters, she wanted to show off Sean’s muscles so he did some pushups with her on his back (Yes, it would have been 100 times better with his shirt off) Catherine’s sisters seemed to be very skeptical of images-20their sister and Sean’s relationship and the entire process.  When he asked if they think Catherine is honestly ready to settle down, her sister responded, “Umm, I can’t see her having kids right away. She goes in 100% with guys and always makes things fun with guys and when fun…” I lost her there. She wants to be with someone who supports all of her dreams and if you don’t support her dreams, she’ll find some..” Does her sister EVER finish a sentence? Pretty sure Sean’s head was spinning the entire time. Sean never got approval from Catherine’s mother to propose. He walks out with Catherine and looks as skeptical as he’s ever looked. When him and Catherine are together, they have nothing but fun times, but her family? They ruin everything. Solution: Sean’s family should adopt Catherine and they should be BFF’s and go into the fishing business.

Moral of the date; Catherine is a fickle pickle.

Lindsay: Fort Leonard Wood, MO

Sean met Lindsay in the little village of her hometown (well, her hometown for about 3 months..remember, Lindsay is an army brat, if you didn’t remember from the 20 times she’s mentioned it). They walked around the town, checking out shops, stopping for  a beer where Lindsay used to work, and getting cupcakes. Sean got right down to business and asked Lindsay what he should call her father, the two star General. While Lindsay thought it was funny, Sean was dead serious. General Yenter? Mr. Yenter? Mark? It’s a good thing they decided on Mr. Yenter..I thought they were going to have to call in an etiquette coach. Lindsay mentioned she  had a surprise for Sean. She went in the back of the cupcake shop, came back and told Sean he would need to get “army ready. Not ready, but army ready.” Uh oh! Sean looked scared.


Lindsay put him through a mini training sesh that turned into doing push ups with Lindsay sitting on him and getting rewarded each time he completed a sit-up. Lindsay’s got the right idea! Perfect date idea to keep in mind, ladies! Just not sure why she chose the sweatshirt over shirtless Sean. Pretty sure Lindsay’s way of getting Sean “army ready” wasn’t nearly enough to prepare him for meeting General Yenter.


Army face is ON

Sean and Lindsay arrive at their home on base and they get such a warm welcome from her mother, father, and brother. They jump right into it and ask about their experience thus far. Sean immediately brings up the first night and asks them if they knew what she did. Yes, Sean is visiting the hometown of the girl who showed up in a wedding dress, yes a wedding dress. Sean spends some time with Lindsay’s mother, who by the way, is AWESOME! You can totally tell that Lindsay gets her positive attitude and supportive ways from her mother. Her mom gets right to the point. “Are you falling in love with Lindsay?” her concerned mother asks Sean. He beats around the bush and says he’s not the kind of person to “share those types of words with anyone.” She accepts that answer. Sean then asks if she has any suggestions for when he speaks with her husband. Up next, Sean has a man-to-man conversation with General Yenter. Sean tells Mark how he is falling for his daughter (without saying those magic words, of course) and what else..asks for his permission to marry Lindsay if it comes to that. The General comes out in Mr. Yenter, who gives Sean a little bit of an army lecture. Long story short, he accepts Sean, Sean and Lindsay, the scenario, and gives Sean his blessing, of course, if it came down to that. Her father thanks them both for coming and gives them dog tags (ID tags) with army values to remember their visit by. Lindsay caps off the night with Sean by telling him she’s falling in love with him and seals it all with a kiss. It’s safe to say, Lindsay has captured Sean’s heart.

Moral of the date: All army Generals are not uptight, scary, and rigid.

Des – Los Angeles, CA

The last stop on the pain train for Sean was in LA. He met up with Des on a hiking trail (I know..just when we thought we were done seeing spandex and sneakers). They walked hand-in-hand taking in the view, enjoying what Des seems to think is real life, “an ordinary Saturday”, yet this IS reality TV. “If Sean and I end up together this is pretty much what life will be like. I’m going to want to go hiking, and I want to just enjoy company, and make out,” giggling about how she envisioned life with him after this. desiree-1 After the hike, Des brought Sean back to her place. So far the date is ordinary, fun, peaceful, but the best is yet to come. After Sean and Des get dinner for her family, the doorbell rings. What he thought was Des’ brother, was an actor acting as Des’ ex boyfriend, coming to tell her he’s in love with her and wants her back. I’ve gotta say, this dude did a pretty good job. Des on the other hand, not so much. Her smirking and somewhat peaceful reaction made it far from believable. When Sean and Nick (the actor) got into a pretty heated argument, and Sean’s fist ready to take this guy out, Des decided to turn down the heat and spill the beans. “Got ya!”, she exclaimed. Sean was happy (and relieved) to see that Des could take a joke when he pranked her back during their first one-on-one and even better, prank him back. Sound familiar? Sean pranked Emily during his hometown date. One surprise down, one to go.

Des’ family shows up. Sean meets her mother, Roxanne, her father, Tony, and her brother, Nate. They all sit down and talk about Picture-311-300x191where they’ve been and who they’ve seen. Yes, Montana came up..and so did milking a goat and images-21 drinking it’s milk. Yes, your daughter drank goats milk for this guy. Des has a heart-to-heart with her mom, while Sean talks to her dad. Wow, smooth sailing, right? Everyones happy and loves Sean? Yes, as long as you don’t bring her brother Nate into the picture. Desiree sat down with her brother, so thrilled to share her feelings for Sean, only to be shot down by her brother’s skepticism, saying “just don’t fall for nobody”. Wait, is Tierra engaged to Nate? At least they have the broken English thing in common. When Nate asks, “Hey Sean, you mind if I holla at you real fast?”, Des looks scared out of her mind. Yes, Des, this could make it or break it. When Nate called Sean out and called him a “playboy”, doubted his character and the “lack” of reciprocation (Nathan apparently likes the only big word he knows..he must have said it 5 times in the same sentence), is when Sean knew he could not see himself marrying into this family. When Sean tried to explain himself, “I’m crazy about your sister”, Nathan shot right back with “You’re crazy about a lot of girls, aren’t you?” “You don’t know which one you’re going to choose yet?” Has Nathan ever watched this show? I think not! Needless to say, Sean walked out of Des’ house with more doubts than he ever could have imagined. Things got awkward enough, the only thing left to talk about was Yes, the weather. Des’ parents babble on about the four seasons, while Sean is trying to plan his getaway.

Moral of the date: Guys who grow up in tipis are generally jerks.


Rose Ceremony


“Yup, he screwed me.. I knew I should have left him in the tipi”

Back in L.A., Sean was faced with a very difficult decision. He was going to have to let one of these four girls go who he had built such an amazing relationship with and who’s family he had just met. Keep in mind, he told every parent, in one way or another he wouldn’t break their daughters heart. Well played Sean, well played. Based on each hometown, we all can tell who he had doubts about. He gave out the first two roses to AshLee and Lindsay. While the women could see Sean was struggling with his decision,  Desiree took advantage of every last second she could and asked Sean to speak alone. She let him know she knew what her brother said to him and apologized a million times over, but was it too late? Holding the last rose in his hand, Sean put it down, and took  some time to himself in the deliberation room (wait, do they still use that word?). Sean stood in front of the women’s pictures (I didn’t know a picture could mean so much). Chris Harrison came in and gave Sean some advice he couldn’t have lived without..”just don’t make a mistake”. Yes, Chris, pretty sure Sean doesn’t want to make a mistake when we’re talking about his future here. Ha! Sean deliberates, joins the women, and gives his final rose to Catherine. Des looks surprised, but not shocked, thanks to her bro. If I were Des, I would have left her brother in the tipi. Her future might have been different. Sean walked Des out and explained his reason for letting her go, which is when she told him he was making a big mistake and he will regret it. Glad Des was taking notes when Jason sent Molly home and she told him you ARE making the wrong decision and you WILL regret it. And oh did Jason regret it. He regretted it so much he broke up with Melissa (the girl he chose) on national television on After the Final Rose. He asked Molly for a chance and now they are married and expecting their first child together. Stranger things do happen, but not in this case Des. Good luck convincing any guy to marry you with a brother like that. There should be a part of the Women Tell All dedicated to jealous siblings, featuring Monica, India, and Nate.

Onto overnight dates (well, you know..let’s say exotic dates considering Sean is a “born again” virgin and won’t be spending the dfe9bf36ddaa0702bf1adfa4f86b6383 night with any of these women).

Until next week.Xoxo

Bachelor Episode 7 Recap: Tata Tierra

Episode 7 starts out with Sean and the girls arriving in St. Croix in a seaplane. I guess Sean wanted to arrive in the most romantic way possible..cramped in a seaplane with six women. Oh yes! The ladies arrive at their beautiful suite, only to be obsessing over who’s going to get the one-on-one dates (yes, they obsess over this every week). Mind you, the only woman who didn’t get a one-on-one thus far was Tierra. “I want to look into his eyes, I want to be out in the sun on the beach, I want to be in my swimsuit and I want him to be in his.”, AshLee says in her confessional, hoping to be the recipient.

All the ladies are having a great time, bonding with each other (what else is there to do in a suite with 6 women?) except the dark cloud, Tierra-ble Tierra. Tierra, who doesn’t see the point in being “friends with girls who like my boyfriend”, puts on her “pouty puss” (courtesy of Ashlee) and pulls out a cot to sleep on in the living room, rather than bunk up with the other women. Anti-social much? “I want to roll away her rollaway bed into the ocean,” Lesley quips at one point.

One-on-One: AshLee was over the moon to spend a whole day (hopefully half naked) with her “future husband”. The date card read, “Let’s get carried away…”. “Every time I’m with Sean, I get carried away, if not physically then emotionally,” she sighs wistfully. The odd ball out, Tierra, had to ruin her moment by dissing her age, announcing “the cougar is back in town” (yes, a cougar at 32 years old..and Sean is 29). “When I’m 32, I want to be married and have kids and have everything set,” the dark cloud scoffs. “Why hasn’t she found that? She’s 32!” I smell a little jealousy, Tierra.

Tierra has obviously not seen her in a bikini. AshLee and her bikini bod don’t look a day over 24. Her and Sean’s bodies are meant for each other, that’s for sure. Their kids would be born with abs of steel. Her and Sean frolic on the beach (yes, that’s Shirtless Sean scene number 1 of the evening) while getting to know each other better. Everything was going A OK until Sean brought up the “T” word. AshLee’s facial expressions screamed annoyed/relieved all at the same time. She was relieved to get the Tierra drama off her (and the other women’s) chest, but seemed annoyed that they were spending their date talking about the dark cloud when in fact she’d rather make out and stare into Sean’s gorgeous eyes in the sunshine.


“So…has the drama subsided?” he ventures to ask. “Or are people just not telling me?” AshLee, the good girl that she is paused, looking hesitant about letting the cat out of the bag. But since Sean’s asking..”It’s awkward. It’s weird,” she says carefully. “Who you get is a completely different girl than who the house gets.” Sean listens and considers what the nicest, drama-free girl in the house says, unlike how he dismissed Kacie B. after she started gossiping. Sean is very grateful for AshLee and believes everything she says about Tierra. Her reward? Rolling around and making out with Sean in the sand.

ashleeseanlove--3509247586005754342That evening, AshLee and Sean sat down to a romantic dinner on the beach, where she had a confession of her own to make. Who thought sweet, innocent AshLee would have any skeletons in the closet? I sure didn’t. She revealed to Sean that she was not only married at 17, but also divorced. Sean looked shocked, scared, weirded out, and disappointed (nice editing, ABC!)..until he smiled and said, “I think you’re perfect the way you are and I certainly don’t view you as being broken cause you’re’re far from it so take that out of your vocabulary.” They sealed it with a kiss and Ashley stood on a chair and screamed at the top of her lungs, “I love Sean”. Normal? Completely.

One-on-One Date: Tierra

Ahh yes, pouty pants finally got a one on one. You would think she would be excited, right? Instead of being grateful she was what tierra-goes-home-bachelor else is new? Complaining. Her date card read “Let’s explore our love on the streets of St. Croix” How did Sean know Tierra wasn’t an outdoorsy kinda girl? Hmm, could it be the fact that she is so clumsy she “fell” down the stairs or how she got hypothermia in Canada? Her reaction? “I am so excited to spend the whole day wit Sean, however, being attacked by bugs and the sweatiness and my makeup dripping off that’s not fun or cool. I just definitely thought if I was to get on a one-on-one it would be something like I love boating and being on the water. I definitely thought it would be something like that” What a date to get “heatstroke” and wind up in the hospital with Sean by your side.

Sean and Tierra check out the town as she complains AGAIN, “I am hot, sweaty, and thirsty.” Oh right, you’re dehydrated Tierra, right? Cry me a river. You’re with the most gorgeous man, ALONE, shut up! Tierra might be hot and sweaty, but one thing she does like is shopping and gifts. When Sean buys her trinket after trinket she lights up. They even came across a parade and Tierra let loose, got into it, and danced, sweaty and all. Who knew she could dance and smile? Sean and Tierra had fun dancing and kissing in the streets, regardless of the issues on his mind.


At dinner the pair had a heart-to-heart and Sean brings up, what else, the drama in the house. Tierra immediately points her finger at the women excluding and ganging up on her. She puts an end to that conversation and tells Sean that she’s falling in love with him. He smirks, grimly — see the foreshadowing?


Group Date: Lindsay, Des, & Catherine

Sean showed up to the women’s suite at 4:42 with a flashlight and camera in hand, saying “I hope I make it out alive”. Sound a little weird? Ya, it is. Sean woke Lindsay, Des, and Catherine up (mind you–they had no makeup on, weren’t able to take showers, etc). The test? To see if the girls could just roll out of bed and roll with the punches. Lindsay and Des were the most bothered by it. “I didn’t even shave my armpit!”, Lindsay says in response to getting ready in less than ten minutes. “I’m probably the lowest maintenance person here”, Catherine exclaims. “I just need to pee and I’m good to go.”


Sean and the girls hop into the jeep and off they go to Point Udall, which is as far east you can possibly go in the United States. They get there just in time to watch the sunrise. One guy, three women watching the sunset with mimosas in hand? Aww, how romantic..Not! images-14

The foursome then hop back in the jeep and take a road trip. First stop..the Sugar Mill, then the cafe, then the treehouse. Yes, I said treehouse. Welcome to Tarzan meets The Bachelor. There, Des and Sean take turns swinging in the rainforest while Lindsay and Catherine are on their own date. Too bad Ashley P. wasn’t on this date — but Des did a pretty good job  tying Sean up in the 50 Shades of Tarzan act. “How do you know how to do this so well?!”, he asks Des.  They arrived at their final destination, Sandy Point to watch the sun go down. Disappointingly, they never saw the sunset due to the overcast weather. They had time to spare so Sean decided to do images-16what else but frolic in the water with his three girlfriends. They played in the water and Sean got to spend one-on-one time with each woman.

Lindsay ran into Sean’s arms like they hadn’t seen each other in a month (yet it was probably ten minutes or less). They confirmed their feelings for each other, or as much as Sean can due to the fact that he’s dating five other women. They spent most of their time making out. What else is new? Catherine showed her vulnerable side and told Sean about her struggles growing up and that he would probably not be meeting her father on her hometown date. She got emotional but while she was afraid it would potentially ruin Sean’s interest in her, it actually made him The-Bachelor-Sean-Lindsay more attracted to her. Des also got emotional with Sean talking about the potential of her hometown date and how much she cares for him and how real this is for her. Wow! Talk about an emotional roller coaster of a day! At least Sean was attracted to the girls’ crying and vulnerabilities. After all, they are in St. Croix, not St. cry! Interesting enough, Sean gave the rose to Lindsay, who stayed  positive and upbeat during their alone time. Catherine and Des were shocked, while Lindsay was beaming, now that she knew Sean would be going home with her to meet her family. It’s a good thing they weren’t able to view the sunset (because of the gloomy weather)..I wouldn’t want to see the sunset with a guy who just gave another girl a rose.

One-on-One: Lesley

I have been pulling all season for Lesley and in a previous post I had mentioned that Sean looked like he was putting Lesley in the friend zone when asking about Tierra and the drama. The following week they seemed to have the chemistry and spark back that they had on their first date, but this time, the friend zone was for good. Sean seemed to have some questions going into the date but I don’t think it was really fair to completely forget about her just because she didn’t open up as quickly as the other women. But again, this is The Bachelor! If you snooze, you lose.

Lesley and Sean spent the day in their own “secret garden”, picking fruit, and talking. Sean was unsure of his relationship with Lesley from the start, but was more concerned as the date went on and she wasn’t showing much affection. Lesley seemed to be images-13 reserved and nervous like she had something on her mind. She tried to tell Sean she was falling in love with him but her nerves got the best of her. She admitted to the cameras that it just didn’t feel right that day to tell Sean she was falling in love with him. That could have cost her! They were walking when they stopped, leaned up against a gate, and Sean barricaded her to really see if the romance/affection was there. They made more eye contact they had all day, well how could they not with Sean up in her face? Ha! She kissed him and told him her feelings were very strong and real for him..staying away from the “L” word. What was up with Lesley’s half date? She didn’t show Sean any affection so he cut the date short? How rude!

Next, Sean met up with his sister, Shay, who was flown out to St. Croix to dish on the remaining women with her younger brother images-12and it just so happened to be her birthday too. What a great way to celebrate! Sean spoke to her mostly about Tierra, while his sister gave him the advice — if a girl has trouble getting along with other women, she is not someone you want to keep. Keeping his sister’s advice in mind, he decided to have her meet Tierra and see for herself. Sean had NO idea what he was getting himself into when he walked into the ladies’ suite. All the mature women were hanging out when Sean came in and asked where Tierra is. Des pointed to the next room. When Sean went in her room, he found her on her cot, sulking with her head down. Playing the victim once again, Tierra cried on Sean’s shoulder blaming the women for her misery. Although Sean felt bad due to his caring, sweet nature, he knew what he had to do..and that wasn’t to bring her to meet his sister. He stepped outside to have a moment to think and ah ha! The lightbulb went off! Sean went back inside and told Tierra it was for her own good that she went home. Surprisingly, she didn’t put up a fight like I had imagined she would. I hate to say this, but I don’t think this is the end of Tierra-ble Tierra. How could she go out THIS easy? It’s just NOT possible.


Sean opted for no cocktail party, as he knew what his decision was. He sent Lesley home. No surprises there after their awkward date in the secret garden. He will be visiting the hometowns of Des, Lindsay, Ashlee, and Catherine. Don’t worry ladies and gents! There’s plenty more drama and surprises to come next least it’s not Tierrable drama!

Until next week..Xoxo

Bachelor Episode 6 Recap: Plunging into Love

ABC has officially spoiled me (and other Bachelor addicts) with this two night event. Kind of wish it was on two nights every week (who am I kidding? OF COURSE I do). My life would consist of the Bachelor and the Bachelor only. Maybe I should write a book, ‘The Life of a Bachelor Blogger’.

So, I wasn’t thoroughly impressed with Monday night’s episode. Why? Well, first and foremost, I didn’t see any Shirtless Sean scenes. Secondly, there was just too much drama. Ya, ya, I know it’s drama that brings out the hilarious tweets and blog posts (or the wine) but Tierra ran episode 5. It’s not the Bachelorette..It’s the Bachelor with Sean Lowe. We want to see Sean fall in love with a little drama. A LITTLE. Episode 6 was a balance of both.

The women arrived in Lake Louise, Canada at their amazing hotel suite with GORGEOUS views of the lake. Am I the only one who would apply for the show just for the insane travel destinations/accommodations? Ha! The women, while checking out their suite, were obsessing and guessing over who would get the two one-on-one dates up for grabs. Daniella, Catherine, and Tierra were the only two women who hadn’t had a one-on-one. Catherine got the first date.


One-on-One Date: Catherine

The giggly graphic designer is more than excited about her first one-on-one with Sean. Her excitement was diminished when she  was outside waiting for Sean in a blizzard with Mr. McSteamy no where in sight. No fear, Sean is here! What an arrival it was — Sean arrived driving a snow bus to sweep her off her freezing feet. Can you say sexy? It would have been hotter if Sean drove up shirtless. The benefits? Well, for one, he would have melted the snow with his hotness. The other reasons are pretty obvious. The pair attempt to sled in the freezing temps, but Catherine is game, frolicking and making snow angels and excitedly rolling with the punches, just like Sean had hoped. It’s safe to say Catherine passed the ‘blizzard test’.


The two share dinner in an ice castle. Yes, an ice castle, but when you have a guy as hot as Sean no worries — he will keep you more than warm — STEAMY. Sean makes a few googly eyes at her as they snuggle up under a blanket and reveals that he’s “crazy” about her (No new vocabulary here). Don’t take “crazy about you” too seriously Catherine — he says it to the other nine women when he’s with them too. Catherine accepts the rose without hesitation.

Group Date

Sean invited seven lucky ladies to frolick in the cold, but had no idea what they were in for. Lesley, Selma, Sarah, Daniella, Tierra, Lindsay, and AshLee find themselves having to do some quick math bright and early. The reward? Sharing a canoe with Sean. Get those brains, working, ladies! Seven women, one Sean, and three canoes. We can count tierrable at math Tierra. Lucky for Lesley, she did the math and hopped in..even before he finished his sentence. Should’ve been quicker on the fly, ladies! You go, girl! The claws came out as soon as Sean said “let me be the man” and row for both of them while Lesley turned around to stare at her hunky boyfriend. Oh yeaaaa, in the words of Courtney Robertson, winning!


The ladies groan about the cold as they attempt to paddle their way through the icy water, but the fun doesn’t end once the canoes have reached the opposite side. No, no. Sean has another proposition in mind for the ladies, and it doesn’t involve hot cocoa and a group hot tub..But it DOES involve bathing suits. Sean tells the women that they’re going to take part in the Lake Louise Polar Bear Plunge. Their reactions? Let’s just say they’d be happier drinking warm goats milk. Some of the women were skeptical but it was only Selma who opted out. The other six women take on the challenge, running and diving head first into the ice cold, freezing water even though, as Lesley so astutely observes, “my ass is numb and my toes are numb.” Not the ideal situation, but I have to say, I would plunge into ice cold water with Sean Lowe any day.


The women gleefully run into the frigid cold water with Sean and run back to the tent, all except Tierra, who begins screaming, shaking, and turning bright blue. “I want to do anything I can to help, but I’m clearly not a professional,” Sean says, as he cuddles up to Lesley, looking turned off by yet another one of Tierra’s shenanigans. Let me recap in case you missed anything – In episode 3, Tierra pulled her first act – She ‘fell’ down the stairs, only to get the paramedics there, as well as attention from Sean, and attention taken away from the other women, especially AshLee, who’s date began late because of her antics. Then, last week, she threatened to leave on the group date because of the women ‘attacking’ her. Once again, her fake tears got her time with Sean, time taken away from Lindsay AND the rose. Last week she crashed the group date. She might have gotten Sean’s attention this time but girl, it’s enough. A phenomonal actress, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tierra landed an acting career after the show (as long as she took off a few pounds and learned the right way to say “with” instead of “wit” and “frustrated instead of “fustrated”). BACHELOR_320x240-2

The EMT’s decided she didn’t need to go to the hospital as her body temperature was rising. As she’s pushed — in a wheelchair, of course (Good acting) — into her room, a panicked Desiree and Catherine came in to see which of their girls was injured. After saying a few half hearted “feel better” remarks, the girls bow out of the room to leave the mascara-streaked bachelor to her own misery. Sean makes a surprise appearance later in the day to check in on her, and Tierra positively lights up. “You keep managing to find one-on-one time with me,” he grins. Yes, sexy and smart!

That night, the ladies and Sean were looking forward to a drama-free evening. Think again, ladies! Knock, knock..It’s the hobo goblin (courtesy of Chris Harrison). Tierra crashes the party ONCE again. The ladies are not thrilled to see her, but she has one task in mind — to get the rose. Too bad Sean is wising up now. Last time she crashed the party and played the “victim” she got the rose..this time, she got nothin’! You’re losing your touch, Tierra. Sean and Lesley spent some quality time together, and some quality make out time. Sean broke out some of the advice from the in-house Bachelor kissing expert, Arie to use his hands more while kissing. Good job, Sean! Remember their conversation from episode 5? He had asked her about Tierra and the drama in the house. It looked like he was moving her to the friend zone, but lucky for Lesley (and fans of team Lesley), they turned a corner — and it was a good corner. Sean offered Lesley the rose and she gladly accepted – cue vicious looks from the scary hobo goblin.

Once the women are back at the hotel, Sean decides to break the rules just one more time. Oh come on, Sean! You change the rules every week! He let Sarah go due to the fact that he just wasn’t feeling anything for her and didn’t want to string her on any longer or make her sit around the next day and through the rose ceremony when his feelings weren’t there. My heart broke for Sarah. All of us girls know how rejection feels (even you guys, too) and especially with one arm, she must feel even more rejection. “I just don’t want to be told forever how great I am, what I deserve,” she says as she wipes away tears. “I just don’t want to be told that forever. And it’s just sad to think about, like, how did Sean see it and feel it in the beginning?” Sarah is truly a GREAT person who deserves GREAT things (even though she doesn’t want to hear that — Sorry, girl!)

One-on-One Date: Des

While Des was getting ready for her second one-on-one date, Daniella and Tierra were livid that they still hadn’t gotten their first. Knowing that Des was feeling insecure and unsure of her feelings for Sean and his for her, Sean does the most logical thing a Desiree-and-Sean-1-on-1-Date boyfriend can do — bring her to the top of a mountain and make her rappel down it. It turns out Sean had a purpose behind this activity — rappeling down a mountain is JUST like a relationship. It starts off scary and then as time goes on you tend to get more comfortable and start trusting the person you’re with. Wow! What these women are learning! Des was scared, fearful, and didn’t trust the harness she was in, but ultimately got over her fear, with Sean right by her side, and she learned to trust in him and herself. While relaxing with a celebratory glass of wine, Des asks Sean if he climbed trees when he was younger. They both revealed their love and experience of climbing trees. Sean challenged her to climb the tree next to him and they both went at it. At least we know they’re both professional tree climbers. What a foundation for an amazing relationship.


After they conquered that, the two changed and had dinner in a teepee (Sean played the part, channeling his inner Native American with that sweater). Des opened up about her childhood and how her parents gave her everything she needed but when times were rough they sometimes lived in a tent. Sean, attracted to hervulnerability and willingness to open up, offered her the rose, and she accepted. They caught up in the romance department by making out since the last time the opportunity came up, Des just drank goats milk and Sean wanted to steer clear.

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony

At the rose ceremony the following night, Desiree, Catherine and Lesley are safe, while the remaining five women await their fate. Sean spent time with each of the women, proving that rose ceremony was a lot more relaxed and less tense than episode 5. Why? Tierra didn’t say a peep. Yes, she did shoot some evil, scary, hobo goblin looks but overall, it was a pretty calm evening. Lindsay, who has an undeniable chemistry with Sean and who spends most of her time kissing him, swore that she wasn’t going to kiss him during their one-on-one time. That lasted about two minutes until their flirting got out of hand and she demanded that Sean kiss her. AshLee tried to reenact the 50 Shades of Grey act that Ashley P. tried on Sean the first night (that ultimately sent her home). Luckily for AshLee, it worked, Sean loved the control she gave him, and more than that, loved her reaction to it. Selma, who dared to kiss Sean on national TV against her mother’s wishes, and Daniella, who bemoaned never getting a one-on-one chance with the bachelor, are sent home, leaving Tierra, AshLee and Lindsay standing at the end of the night.

Thats a wrap, Bachelor Nation! Only FIVE days until Bachelor Monday! MARK YOUR CALENDARS — Another two night week is in store! A new “Sean Tells All” will premiere on February 19th at 9:00 P.M. ABC is really spoiling us!

Until next week..Xoxo